Weekly Reminders

Miami Country Day Aquatics


Hi Everyone!  This past weekend we competed in the FGC Open Invitational hosted at the Dade College North Campus.  And if you thought the Saturday at the Scotty Invite was cold, then think again!  The weather and pool conditions were about as bad as you can get for a swim meet here in South Florida.  It was cold, windy, raining and above all there heater was on the fritz all week so the pool temp was a balmy 74 degrees!

But that did not stop us from having a GREAT day!  When all was said and done, MCDA ended up with 31 new Lifetime Best Swims!  Here is the breakdown by training group:

Pathways – 3 swimmers – 4 new LTB’s

Bronze – 6 swimmers – 6 new LTB’s

Silver – 10 swimmers – 16 new LTB’s

Gold – 0 swimmers – 0 new LTB’s

Sr. Development – 4 swimmers – 1 new LTB’s

Sr. Elite – 6 swimmers – 4 new LTB’s

Congratulations to the Silver Group for having the most signups and the most Lifetime Bests!  What a great job.  We also had 1 new Club Record.  Congratulations to Ben Wilson (15-16) 50 Fly – 25.87


The Gulliver Winter Invite: As soon as the Heat Sheet/Psych Sheets/Timelines are published we send them out to those families who have signed up. 


The next BIG SIGN UP is for the AREA 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS.  This meet is the focus meet for every swimmer who has not achieved a JO or Sr. Championship qualification time.  The meet will be held on March 4th and 5th in Pembroke Pines.  Let’s see how many MCDA swimmers we can get to attend this meet!

Even though we still have the Gulliver Winter Invite coming up in a couple of weeks, the end of the Short Course Yards (SCY) season is coming quickly.  After the Championship portion of the SCY season, we will be focusing on the long course season.  The typical Long Course Meters (LCM) season runs from April to mid-August.  The first LCM meet that we will attend this year is Jon Olsen Gold Medal Invitational.  This is a Team Travel Event for all groups (Bronze – Sr. Elite) to Islamorada.  We have blocked 10 rooms at the Smuggler’s Cove Resort, which is located on 85500 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada.  To book your room please call (305) 664-5564.  Rooms will be on a first come first serve basis.  The price is $189 per night which includes breakfast.  Please call right away, because I know they will not be holding those rooms for much longer.



  • Gulliver’s Winter Invite at SoFlo, meet is Feb 16th -18th
  • Reserve your room at Smuggler’s Cove Resort for the Jon Olsen Gold Medal Invite in Islamorada.
  • AREA 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS is a very important swim meet that everyone should sign up for!
    • Friday-Sunday, February 16th-18thWinter Invite, to be held at the SoFlo.
    • Friday & Saturday, February 23rd & 24thNO PRACTICE – Water Polo tournament at MCDS
    • Saturday-Sunday, March 3rd-4thArea 3 Championships, this is for all 14 & Unders without JO cuts
    • Friday-Sunday, March 16th-18thJunior Olympics, Qualifiers only
    • Friday-Sunday, March 22nd-25thSenior Championships, Qualifiers only
    • Thursday, April 5thSwim Team Banquet, more info to follow
    • Saturday, April 14thFGC Sprint Invite, to be held at Miami Dade North Campus
    • Friday-Sunday, April 27th-28thJon Olsen Gold Medal Invite, to be held at Flounder Park in Islamorada
    • Friday-Sunday, May 18th–20thGulliver Summer Invite, this is for all groups