Santa Team Travel

Santa Meet – Toronto 2017

COBRA Swim Club Silver and Gold swimmers attended the Santa Meet in December! No hovering parents helicoptering their child’s every move at this Meet! The team travelled with their coaches and volunteer chaperones in head to toe COBRA gear and incredible enthusiasm. York Swim Team hosted the event which included swimmers from the Cricket Club Swim Team and the Granite Gators as well. Santa himself dropped in for a special surprise appearance to wish everyone luck with bags of gifts in tow! Each swimmer exhibited comradery, etiquette and a whole lot of talent at their very first away from home Meet. The day concluded with a festive lunch at Boston Pizza and the swimmers would agree that it was a wonderful way to kick off a hard-earned winter break!

A very big thank you to the coaches and parent volunteers who travelled with the team by bus. We cannot be as successful as we are without all of you!

Our swimmers brought home a tremendous number of ribbons and 1st place medals. Included below are those who ranked top 3 out of approximately 145 swimmers between the four participating clubs.


25M Back

Isabel Ferricchio (8):                         25.80S                    2nd


50M Back

Skylar Kalverda (8):                            57.71S                    2nd

Aleena Chongling (8):                       1:01.14S                3rd

Tanisha Dhillon (9):                           52.60S                    1st

Annabeth Lampitt (10):                      51.50S                    2nd

Angela Atienza (10):                          52.93S                    3rd

Olivia Matheuszik (11):                      50.98S                    2nd

Zia Surti (11):                                    52.98S                    3rd


25M Breast

Autumn Dinglasan (7):                     36.08S                   2nd


50M Breast

Isabel Ferricchio  (8):                   1:07.44S                2nd

Aleah Raghunath (9):                        1:01.60S                3rd

Angela Atienza (10):                          1:00.59S                2nd

Annabeth Lampitt (10):                     1:01.26S                3rd

Vrinda Bailur (11):                              55.80S                    3rd


25M Fly

Skylar Kalverda (8):                     26.34S                    2nd

Aleena Chongling (8):                       30.33S                   3rd

Aleah Raghunath (9):                  24.17S                    2nd

Taylor Rice (9):                                24.78S                    3rd

Annabeth Lampitt (10):                   23.93S                    1st

Angela Atienza (10):                  26.50S                    2nd

Roopika Rayala (10):                      27.00S                    3rd


50M Free

Skylar Kalverda (8):                            53.33                       2nd

Taylor Rice (9):                        46.23S                    2nd

Aleah Raghunath (9):                        49.82S                    3rd

Zia Surti (11):                              46.17S                    1st

Olivia Matheuszik (11):                     47.99S                    2nd

Savani Karunarathne (11):               50.63S                    3rd

Shreya Perumal (12):                      48.70S                    3rd


100M Free          

Olivia Matheuszik (11):                   1:38.91S                1st

Shreya Perumal (12):                        1:48.30S                3rd



25M Back

Roshan Desai (8):                                26.48S                    3rd


50M Back

Owen Clarke (8):                                  49.70S                    1st

Aiden Nguyen (8):                             1:00.39S                2nd

Kenny Luu (9):                                     50.78S                    1st

Nathan Vigneault (9):                             53.69S                    2nd

Grayson Pettipas (9):                             54.36S                    3rd

Jaiveer Singh (10):                              47.87S                    1st

Damon Armorer (10):                            50.05S                    2nd

Gordon Wu (10):                                  53.18S                    3rd

David Pires-Martins (11):                     48.85S                    1st

Viho Huang (11):                                  50.27S                    3rd

Muhammad Wasif (12):                        50.93S                   2nd


25M Breast

Charlie Keenes  (8):                           31.10S                    2nd

50 Breast 

Aiden Nguyen  (8):                               1: 11.45S               1st

Owen Clarke (8):                                  1:12.40S                2nd

Aaron Dinglasan (8):                             1:12.89S                3rd

Kenny Luu (9):                                    55.61S                    1st

Mikhail Fedenev (9):                               1:04.58S                2nd

Nathan Vigneault (9):                             1:06.42S                3rd

Herjup Gill (10):                                     54.43S                    1st

Damon Armorer ;(10):                              54.88S                   2nd

Gordon Wu (10):                                       53.18S                    3rd

Viho Huang (11):                                       48.24S                    1st

Arthur Khoa Dang (11):                              55.57S                    2nd

Anthony Ticar (11):                                     1:00.56S                3rd

Muhammad Wasif (12):                                    1:02.74S                2nd


25M Fly

Owen Clarke (8):                               22.19S                    1st

Aaron Dinglasan (8):                         28.68S                    3rd

Kenny Luu (9):                                  20.09S                    1st

Mikhail Fedenev (9):                         26.57S                    2nd

Nathan Vigneault (9):                 28.18S                    3rd

Jaiveer Singh (10):                         20.20S                    1st

Damon Armorer (10):                       21.30S                    2nd

Tyler Rothnie (10):                           28.03S                    3rd


50M Free

Aaron Dinglasan (8):                             43.55S                   1st          

Owen Clarke (8):                                  45.37S                    2nd        

Charlie Keenes (8):                52.23S                    3rd

Kenny Luu (9):                  44.19S                    1st

Nathan Vigneault (9):        51.07S                   3rd

Damon Armorer (10):                 41.31S                    1st

Gordon Wu (10):                    51.16S                    3rd

Viho Huang (11):                          40.26S                    1st

Ewan Storie (11):                          44.02S                    2nd

Daven Dhiman (11):                    44.22S                    3rd

Muhammad Wasif (12):          41.79S                    1st


100M Free          

Jaiveer Singh (10):                           1:38.94S                1st

Viho Huang (11):                               1:29.29S                1st

David Pires-Martins (11):              1:37.13S                2nd

Daven Dhiman (11):                          1:39.69S               3rd

Muhammad Wasif (12):                      1:41.74S                3rd