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Novices Shine

Novices Shine     

Twenty-one Duncan Swim Team (DST) swimmers attended the Winter Classic hosted by the Campbell River Killer Whales, Sunday, November 26th. Their fun for competition is obvious from the smiles of Connor, Malcolm, Maddox and Gabriel. “Teamwork sportsmanship and learning were the awards” suggests DST Head Coach Leanne Sirup.

The 10 and Under Junior Boys Relay above enjoyed a strong meet. They finished second only to the DST advanced team in the 200 meter Freestyle Relay and finished the meet with a win in the 200 meter Medley Relay. Stingray boys relays were prominent – the 11 and twelve year olds team won their two events as well.

The majority of the Stingrays entered in the Campbell River meet could count their competitive experiences on one hand. Many of these young people have trained twice a week since early October to prepare for this.  

“The results were measured in personal organization, self- routine and focus. The swimming was the bonus and most of our swimmers returned with a big smile”, Coach Clarke observed.


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