The All-City Swim & Dive organization has always had the philosophy that we support every swimmer and diver. The organization is fully inclusive and when we say every swimmer we truly mean it. The league and individual clubs are always looking for ways to support, unify, and include everyone in our league and within each individual club. Individual teams have always included swimmers with disabilities, adaptive needs, and/or provided specific accommodations and this will continue. Starting with the 2018 season, individual clubs will be reaching out and making sure that everyone knows we are fully inclusive. We want swimmers with intellectual disabilities, Autism, adaptive needs, etc. to be an integral part of our practices, meets, and even All-City. 

For the 2018 season, the All-City Swim & Dive organization have developed a partnership with Special Olympics Wisconsin. Special Olympics Wisconsin will help with athlete recruitment, promotion, and training for coaches. In return, as an individual club we will work with our athletes and add events that allow for participation for everyone at any age. 
Unified Sports is a unique team bond creating a culture of inclusion that leads to better understanding, new friendships, improved self-esteem and a positive change in attitude, behavior, and performance for ALL the athletes. This is another example of the magic that makes All-City and Monona special.