SRST: Athlete Protection Important

Hello SRST Family,

It is critical during this time in our history to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our children.  Here are some things I'd like all SRST families to know:

  1. All SRST coaches have had a background check.
  2. All SRST coaches have taken athlete protection training provided by USA Swimming.
  3. Due to the sensitive nature of Safe Sport topics, it's the preference of the SRST to have each family make the personal decision about what things to say to their own children (in regards to Safe Sport topics).  That being the case, parents can review information at USA Swimming and have the appropriate discussions at home to help arm the kids with the knowledge they need to stay safe.  Here is the link: CLICK HERE.
  4. USA Swimming offers outlets for reporting issues related to Safe Sport concerns:  CLICK HERE.
  5. SRST coaches have been instructed to NOT discuss Safe Sport violations/allegations that may be in the news.  These discussions are best handled within the individual family unit.  Coach Ben does discuss breaking news stories with his staff to help keep the SRST staff current, informed and vigilant in all matters related to Athlete Protection.
  6. SRST coaches ARE able to listen to athletes and parents who have Safe Sport concerns related to SRST directly.

  7. SRST parents are welcome and encouraged to talk to Coach Ben about Athlete Protection concerns any time.

Thanks for helping to keep SRST a safe place for kids to grow up and swim!

Coach Ben