2018 Friday Favorites Feb 9th


Hi All!

We are trying a new format to spread information.  We hope you like it!  Here is your weekly dose of “Friday Favorites-Stingray Style,” a list of things we think are interesting, motivating, and helpful:

What we are eating-

Did you know that Pickle Juice is one of the best ways to prevent cramping?  I know what you’re thinking and no, I don’t recommend bringing a pickle jar to practice.  But staying hydrated is one of the best ways to accelerate performance.  Don’t want to swim with the taste of “Dill” in your mouth?  Try this awesome homemade Sports Drink or just good old-fashioned WATER.


What we are reading-

If your decisions are based on “ Fear of losing”, you are less likely to succeed.  In the long run, the riskiest way to live is to never take a risk.


Exercise we are focused on mastering-

This month’s Team Feed highlights the focus on “Speed and Power” in preparation for Championship meets.  In addition, three exercises are introduced, with specific details on how they will improve performance. 

Congratulations to the winners of the January “Squat Challenge”.  Pearl Khunduang hit 63 Squats in 60 seconds!  David Peng topped the boys list with 60.  Way to go Stingrays!


Post of the week-

The coolest “ upside down truth”.  Amazing what you can accomplish when you keep an open mind and change your perspective.


What are we watching-

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics starts tonight at 8PM on NBC!  What can you learn from other sports, athletes, and coaches?



*A huge thank you to the parents who attended and participated in the parent meeting last Sunday at Camp Cristina.  A full recap of what was discussed can be found in the “Parent Articles” section under the Resources tab of the website.


*Any parents wanting TYS shirts to wear for the upcoming Championship meets, please contact Alexis.


* FLAGS and Senior Champs entries are complete.  Please know what and when you are swimming!


Miss a past issue of Friday Favorites?  Catch up on this and many other informative articles under the Resources tab of the website.