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2018 Short Course Championship Meets

The upcoming championship season is a time for athletes to enjoy one (or several) final meet to showcase their seasons work.  

Each athlete that has previously competed in an instate meet is eligible for at least some events at the Regional Championship, while some longer events require qualifying times, everyone can participate at some level.  

The Age Group and Senior Championships are our State Championship and require attaining challenging qualifying time standards.  Participation at this level is indeed an accomplishment and should continue to be a growing part of our advancement as athletes and as a team.  

If you have questions regarding your eligibility or anything else, please contact your group coach.  Coaches will be discussing these meets with swimmers at practices during the next week, please discuss availability to attend amongst your family and make your commitments online as soon as possible.  

All championship meets require your payment of meet entry fees.  Entries for Regionals are $7 per event.  Entries for Age Groups and Seniors are $10 per event.  These fees will be billed to your account in March.  

Regional Championship: March 2-4, Location to be Determined following entry.

Entry Commitment Deadline Saturday 2/17/18

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Senior Championship: March 8-11 @ Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Entry Commitment Deadline Saturday 2/24/18

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Age Group Championship: March 15-18 @ Chelsea Piers, Stamford, CT

Entry Commitment Deadline Saturday 3/3/18

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