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Clarification to Niagara LSC Short Course Championship Meet Information

A clarification to the Meet Annoucnement for the Niagara LSC Short Course Championships has been posted. The area highlighted in yellow is the clarification.


  1. 11 and over swimmers may enter and swim in no more than three (3) individual events and two (2) relay events per day, including bonus events.  A maximum of seven (7) individual entries for the entire meet is allowed. 10 and under maximum will be seven (7) individual entries within two (2) sessions Saturday and Sunday, with a maximum of four (4) individual events in a single session, including bonus events.

The clarification was specific to the 10 and Unders having a maximum of 4 individual events per session (inclusive of any bonus events). The maximum of 7 events still applies.

Please note that OME doesn't allow for age group specific or session specific event limitations. Therefore, the meet is set only to limit the number of events to 7 for the entire meet. Please be careful when entereing your athletes so they do not exceed the daily limits. These errors should be caught in Meet Manager but we hope not to have any.

Also, OME doesn't allow for multiple bonus formulas so the higher of the two was selected. Please remember that 12 and Unders will be allowed 2, while 13 and Overs will be allowed 1 bonus event (please follow the formula in the meet announcement!). Again, this should be caught in Meet Manager but we hope not to need this.