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February 10, 2018

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Southeastern Swim Club Alumni



CONGRATULATIONS SSC! The new scoreboard has officially been ordered and should be installed this Spring. Thanks to your fundraising efforts and the generous support of Southeastern Swimming Alumni, we were able to raise over $60K – all of which will go to the purchase and installation of a new LED scoreboard on the east wall of the HSE Natatorium. More news is coming on the actual install dates and hopefully some pictures, but please know – it is huge, of the highest quality, and quite possibly will be the nicest high school scoreboard in the state. A HUGE thank you to all of you for your efforts – a special thanks goes to Ron Ross who worked very hard throughout this entire process. Ron led the swim-a-thon, met with vendors, submitted questions/ideas, reviewed bids/contracts…in the end, he helped us get an amazing deal on the best possible product! This is very EXCITING!!!

Southeastern Swim Club MLK Invite

Thank you to all of you that helped make the SSC MLK Invite such a great success! SSC would like to thank our Meet Directors/Meet Referee in particular – Judy Howser, Doug Kirby, and Drew Sellers – we could not have done this without your leadership.

Update on Parking for Age Group State

We try to keep the OTB looking like a newsletter of sorts, but for this – I am just going to have to officially go “1st person…”

As your head coach, I have challenged the SSC Board of Directors over the years to make 2 specific improvements with regard to hosting Age Group State at the IU Natatorium. Those would be – a) day-care access and b) free parking for all volunteers. You see, I realize how important it is for us to host this meet but also what a challenge it is for our swim club and families. This meet is a great fundraiser, but more importantly, it is the largest yearly championship meet held in our state and I can humbly tell you that there are very few clubs that can host this meet. In addition, this meet has to be hosted the right way – it must be a unique, inspiring, and memorable experience for all the young swimmers in this state. The SSC BOD has made incredible attempts to meet the challenges that I have placed before them – committees have been formed, countless meetings attended, and even extensive negotiations with the IU Natatorium. In the end, these challenges are not going to be met at this time – your BOD is disappointed…I asked them if I could be the one to let you know why since these ideas came from me. The parking is just not affordable – while meet host relations with the IUPUI Parking Services group have improved over the years, it is still cost prohibitive and group pricing actually looks to be moving to a more expensive model. On the day-care side, we have not been able to locate a room at the IU Natatorium that is functional for this. Before the renovation, it did appear that there would be an opportunity, but it seems like the usage of the building is growing in a manner that will not allow this. SSC – we know that your time is valuable and your commitment to volunteering is positive. Despite this setback, we will continue to look for ways to make the events easier to run and more enjoyable to work. I am very sorry we could not get this done…but we are looking at bus rental and mass transit in the future! How about that!

Coach’s Corner

IHSAA Girls State Results – “How bout those Royals!!!”

 WOW – as I compose this email, it is Saturday evening and I have just returned from one of the most inconceivable accomplishments in the history of HSE HS Swimming and Diving. I have had the great honor and privilege to witness many great things here at Southeastern…this one ranks right up there with winning a state championship because of the way these young student-athletes did it.

Royal Nation, your HSE Women’s Swimmers and Divers have had an amazing year that culminated in a 3rd place finish at the state championships today:

  1. Carmel
  2. Northridge
  3. HSE
  4. Franklin
  5. Fishers
  6. Chesterton
  7. Bloomington South
  8. South Bend St Joe
  9. Homestead
  10. Fort Wayne Carroll

This team was rarely ranked in the top 20 all season, but they had great leadership from their seniors – Emily Barnes, Mady Kertin, Olivia Maple, Lucy Newell, Lauren Passios, Aimee Salgado, and Victoria Vicory. These ladies had a vision that emphasized TBS (team before self) and they led with drive, grit, courage, and strength.

This team faced great attrition from graduation losses that left a lineup filled with holes, but they persevered and remained steady so that their team could develop and grow. They lived by a selfless code of HEO (help each other) so that new competitors could emerge and begin to take on challenges in a constructive, supportive, and helpful environment.

This team encountered growing pains during their development where some winnable meets were lost, but they exhibited TPA (total positive attitude) and trusted the process. During their Holiday Training Trip, they reached a turning point and momentum began to build.

It was all downhill (the good downhill) from there as the wind was at their backs – they shocked the world and won a sectional with a top-3 finish at state to follow. They did all this while observing the Golden Rule and conducting themselves in a manner that emphasized that each and every member of the team was important.

I am very proud of this group and honored to be a part of it – the lessons they have learned will serve them for years to come and I know that they will continually pay it forward. The girls certainly made us proud – thank you for a great season and for helping our program continue to grow.