Last week! (For some...)

This is the last week for those swimmers who are NOT swimming the state meet from March 2-March 4.

Splash-a-thon donations and gear orders are due this Friday. Be sure to get your last minute meet sign-ups declared! The meets over February break are typically very busy meets and we would like to get our entries done as soon as possible. We will have regular practice times during February break- including Wednesday, Coach Eryn will be running a practice at the Y. If you aren't swimming the meet, come on down! 

The first meet over break is the DEFY Invitational. Originally they planned on hosting this meet at UMO, however they were unable to accomodate this meet due to parking issues. This meet will now be hosted at the Down East Family Y (DEFY) in Ellsworth. Visit the Pool Locations tab for a GoogleMaps link. The first session in this meet is all distance events, the second session will be for all other events. 

18 days until States! 

The State Meet is a HUGE event that requires volunteers from each team for each session. A reminder that we will be fined $100 per volunteer slot we do not fill. Within the first day of having our State Meet info posted we had about half the jobs filled, but we are still looking for

  • clean-up crew after Session 5 on Sunday (the 8 and under group, our smallest group, we need everyone!)
  • Gate staff for Session 5 on Sunday- a super easy and fun job, and you could double down and clean up after the session finishes! 
  •  2 Marshalls for Session 5 on Sunday-this job is right on deck, prime seating for all events! You are responsible for limiting the folks on deck to those with the proper credentials and parents to view their swimmer's events. You could also clean up afterwords! 
  • 2 timers for Session 3 on Saturday- 9/10 girls
  • 2 timers for Session 4 on Saturday- 13/14 Boys and 15+ Boys

Once again, for every empty volunteer slot we receive a $100 fine, please sign up as soon as possible so us coaches don't get anxious. smiley


We are getting excited for the final results of the season. Stay focused, eat well, and double down during practice! Come find a coach if you have any questions!