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Big Weekend 2/10-2/11!!!!

What a great weekend for our Marlin’s team!  Everyone had some amazing time drops and two swimmers made junior Olympics cut off times! 

Saturday started us off in the right direction.  Saturday morning I got to see a lot of firsts!  Isabelle Landry signed up for her first away meet and did an amazing job.  Not only did she get all best times, her swimming looked great.  Then Audrey Chiang not only signed up for the 200 Back for the first time, but also the 200 Fly!  She made them look like she has been doing them for years.   Great execution.  Then Zoe Cass-Lein, Cecilia Ferris, and Harry Parsons came to swim in the afternoon.  Each of them had at least one big time drop.  Zoe started and ended the afternoon for us.  She started with taking over 2 seconds off her 100 back and ended with over 16 seconds off her 500 Free!!!  Ceci, not to be outdone, took over 3 seconds off her 200 IM, a second off her 50 Breast, and over a second and a half on her 50 free!  Finally Harry stepped up big on his 100 IM taking almost 8 seconds off!  He also got a best time in his 50 Free! 

While we were busy in Pacifica, Estelle and her family drove to Stockton in order to be able to try and get a JO time in her 500 Free.  (Pacifica didn’t offer 500 free for 13 & over).  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the races, but I did keep getting messages throughout the day and they got better and better.  She started off the morning with getting a JO time in the 200 Free…..and while I sat bitting my nails wondering about the 500, she got a best time in her 100 free.  Finally, the message came in, not only did she get her JO time in 500 free, but she took almost 10 seconds off her time!!

Sunday was a new day and we had Ella Brait and Estelle Engelskirchen compete in the morning session.  Ella had a huge drop in her 200 Free, she took almost 10 seconds off!  And I guess Estelle wasn’t done, she had to get one more JO time in her 50 free!  Ceci and Zoe came back in the afternoon session to get a few more best times.  Zoe took a little over a second off her 100 free and almost 2 seconds on her 100 breast!  Ceci stepped up to her 200 free and got a JO time then went and took a little over 2 seconds off her 100 free and almost 2 seconds off her 100 IM.