2/12/18 Lane Lines


Lane Lines
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From the Office:

Spring Divisionals - Meet Entries Due TODAY!

The registration deadline is today, Feb. 12. Please enter your swimmer at the following event link, or declare that they are not attending.


Spring Divisionals - Workshare Jobs Available!

The Spring Divisionals meet has many jobs still open, a great opportunity to complete your workshare hours before the end of the current workshare earning period. Please remember that February is the last month of the current workshare earning period, which requires 16 hours for most families. This will reset starting March 1 and run through Aug. 15, known as the second earning period, which requires 9 hours for most families. The requirement for most families for the entire 2017-18 season is a minimum of 25 hours, with additional benefit opportunities for families who exceed the minimum requirements. Please note: any families who do not meet their 16-hour requirement in the first earning period (Sept-Feb) will be charged $30/hour for any unworked hours. Click here to see the event page and sign up for a meet job:


Electronic Payment Survey Update
Thank you to the 225 families who responded to a brief survey that helped us gauge interest in using credit cards to pay monthly training fees. The results are as follows:

  • 98% said “Yes” to using the credit card option if offered on the website
  • 40% said “Yes” to still using this option if it involved a small transaction fee

The board will research various options to facilitate credit card payments, with implementation in the 2018-2019 season.


Age Group Regionals/Senior Sectionals Technical Suit Discounts

Through our team apparel dealer, Northwest swim Shop, swimmers who have qualified for AND are competing in AG Regionals or Senior Sectionals, qualify for 25% discount off any technical suit. Please read through the following additional requirements before placing your order!

  • The discount can only be used for the month prior to each meet, so starting February 15 for Senior Sectionals and February 22 for AG Regionals.
  • You MUST call Northwest Swim Shop to place your order; you will not get the discount if you order online. Please call them at (253) 473-8900 or 866-999-6977. Let them know you are placing an order for a Cascade Swim Club swimmer who has qualified for Regionals or Sectionals.

Please contact Team Apparel Coordinator Liz Spaulding ( with any questions.



From the Deck:


Pre-Champs Training Reminders
What should I do to prepare for a Champ Meet? By Coach Lisa Pace

Here they come, the final meets of Short Course season… the meets that all the training so far has led up to! Whichever meet your swimmer has as their final champ meet from Feb. 24 to March 24, all swimmers must have a few things they do in common to achieve the best result for this short course grand finale.

  1. Your Coach
    Cascade coaches will “rest” the swimmers at the correct time to provide the optimum set of circumstances for your swimmer. Different swimmers in the same training group may “rest” at different times for different meets. Resting while maintaining conditioning and speed is a bit of a tight rope to walk for coaches. It depends on the build of the swimmer, the swimmers’ best events, how many practices they have attended and what they may have going on in their personal life like scholastic testing, illnesses, travel, other sports, etc. 
  2. What can we do away from the pool to prepare?
    When you watch the top swimmers in the world walk behind the blocks, one thing that is most striking is how relaxed they appear. Most probably are as full of nerves as you can imagine, but their goal is to appear relaxed; try to convince yourself that you are relaxed and to not waste precious energy on deck - I like to tell the kids to take it into the pool.  
  3. Routine
    How do you create this relaxation behind the blocks? Routine. Routine. Routine. Overwhelmingly, the best thing to calm a frazzled athlete is routine. Just as when they were toddlers, parents created a routine at bedtime to let their child know that “we are winding up the day” and “getting ready to shut down”; a swimmer’s routine can really settle their nerves.
    Starting weeks in advance, get that bedtime and sleep routine cycle as perfect as you possibly can. Sleep is the master of repair and regeneration tools we have in our toolkit.  
  4. Hydration
    The approximate daily goal is 1 ounce of water (not soda or coffee or tea), per ounce of body weight. Pure water is the universal solvent and will flush the metabolites out from training as well as keep that blood viscous. Thick, sticky blood doesn’t carry oxygen to muscles as well, and fatigue sets in much faster. Hydration also lubricates the joints and - my favorite - the lungs.   When the lungs are dehydrated, the tissues don’t slide against each other to open and close as efficiently.  It takes weeks to rehydrate, so stay ahead of the game and maintain hydration!  Routine: a glass of water with breakfast, a water bottle all the time at school, one especially at practice, and a glass in the evening!
  5. Nutrition
    Eating should also be routine. As they say, make sure there is always a breakfast involved.  Every coach has seen the pale swimmer at the meet that approaches and says, “I think I am getting sick”. When asked, it usually turns out they have not eaten for 4-6 hours. Many swimmers get too nervous and won’t touch food.  If you have a really good plan for eating in the weeks before the meet and at the meet, your chances for a great swim are vastly improved! 
  6. Suggested foods
    For pre event eating, please don’t try “untested” foods, make sure it is something they already like and it doesn’t set their stomach as it is already in knots.
  • 1 hour or less to race: Stick with carbs like sports drinks, fruits like oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, pears etc., nutrition bar, raisins, banana, 1/2 bagel, pretzels, Fig Newtons, applesauce, toast, crackers.
  • 2-3 hours before racing: Solid foods can be eaten as there is still time to digest them. Drink PLENTY of fluids! It helps the absorption of the carbohydrates. Try: baked potato or yam, cereal with milk, bagel with peanut butter, fruit smoothie, nutrition bar, oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes / waffles, fresh fruit, English muffin.
  • 4 or more hours before racing: Athletes may need a meal which should be mostly carbohydrates.  Keep it simple: spaghetti with meat sauce, pasta /chicken /veggies, granola bar, fruit juice, sandwiches, trail mix.
  • Keep in your meet cooler: carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, chocolate milk  (perfect recovery drink if milk is tolerated), cottage cheese, breadsticks, dried fruit, sports drink (I like to dilute these), granola bars, fresh fruit, ginger snaps, hummus, nuts, peanut butter, pita bread, low fat sandwiches, vanilla wafers, bagel, cereal bars, yogurt.
  • Post Recovery Food: EAT WITHIN 30 MINUTES after exercise (again, choc. milk is great) and then eat small meals at 2 hours and again at 4 hours. Choose high carbs with small amount of protein. 
  1. Continue The Routine
    Get to the pool with PLENTY of time for your swimmer to prepare for warm-up. Have the same routine of pre- and post-race coach talk, warm-up and warm-down. Swimmers may have their own “ritual” too; think Michael Phelps flapping his wings. CSC alum and Stanford swimmer Abrahm DeVine presses his goggles to his face with his palms, some splash their faces, some put their foot on the block for a hamstring stretch - they all have their nuances, and it is really fun to watch! I encourage these rituals! They are very calming.


Let your coaches know if there is anything you need - we are there with you to help you achieve your goals!

Location Updates
Please note the upcoming no practice/closure dates at each pool. Pool closure dates are located in the Calendar tab and also in the “ Pool Closures” dropdown on the team website.

Madison Pool – Saturday practice schedule on Monday, Feb. 19 for all training groups.
Ballard Pool
– Closed on Feb. 19 for President’s Day.
Evans Pool – Closed Feb. 19 for President’s Day.
Queen Anne Pool - Closed Feb. 19 for President’s Day.
Rainier Beach Pool – Closed Feb. 19 for President’s Day.
Shoreline Pool – Closed for extended maintenance Feb. 26-March 10. Swimmers should find an alternate practice to attend. Please check the team website for training schedule.

Save The Date/Mark Your Calendar

Feb. 19:            President’s Day Holiday – Saturday practice schedule at Madison. Ballard, Evans, QA & RB closed.

Feb. 23-25:        February Divisional Meet, CSC-hosted for qualifiers-only at Madison Pool

Feb. 26-Mar.9:   Shoreline Pool closed for maintenance.

March 3:           CSC Board Meeting, 9:30am at Madison Pool

March 10-11:     PNS Spring Showdown at KCAC, for swimmers that do not qualify for AG Regionals or
Senior Sectionals.

March 15-18:     Senior Sectionals, a qualifiers-only meet at KCAC in Federal Way, WA.

March 22-25:     Age Group Regionals, a qualifiers-only meet at KCAC in Federal Way, WA.

April 28:            CSC Swimtacular, an all-club meet at Madison Pool. CSC swimmers only, no visiting

June 1-3:          Tri-City Invitational, first long-course (50-meter) meet of the 2018 season at an outdoor
pool in Pasco, WA.