Championship Meet Season and Practice Updates

As we come to the Championship meet season of our Short Course* calendar we wanted to remind our families of the meet and practice schedules of each of our training groups.

Our first championship meet will start with the Age Group State Championship held at Georgia Tech this weekend, Feb 16 – 18th..  The top 14 & Unders in the state will compete this weekend for a spot to qualify for the Sectional Championship meet March 15 – 18th.

We encourage ALL team members to plan to end their Short Course training with the March Madness meet held March 10-11.  This meet is a prelim/final meet for 11 & Older swimmers and will be a great championship meet available to all team members.

Our 15 & Older swimmers will end their Short Course calendar with the Junior National meet held in Clearwater, FL  March 20 – 25th.  SCAT has a handful of swimmers that have qualified for this meet.

There will be one last fun short course meet in April in LaGrange – this is a great “team” meet with lots of prizes, trophies and a fun one day format!

 Please read below to review our schedule for the next two months. 

  • There will be NO SATURDAY PRACTICE for Silver or Gold this weekend, Feb 17th due to the Age Group Championship meet.
  • Senior, Nat Dev and Nat group will have regular Saturday practice  2/17 from 7 -9:30 am as they will not be attending Age Group Championships.
  •  We will have regular SCAT Practice next week (2/19 - 2/24) during Fayette County Winter Break.
  • The bubble will be reinstalled the weeks of Mar 19-31st so we will have modified dryland schedule at Go Performance (Silver, Gold, Sen, Nat Dev and Nat) (Blue Smoke Park for Bronze) those two weeks.
  • There will be NO SCAT PRACTICE the week of Fayette Count Spring Break April 2nd - 7th.
  • Our Long Course* calendar will begin when we return in April after Spring Break.


*p.s. For those who don’t know – Swimmers compete in a 25 yard pool for Short Course and a 50 meter pool for Long Course.  Our Long Course meets will begin in April. Yes, we still train in a 25 yard pool for 50 meter meets.  It all works out :)

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