2/7 Masters News


QuickSilver Masters


...and the winners are...

Gopal Krishnan & Robin Serzer!

Your QMasters t-shirts will be available in a couple of weeks.

We had a great response to our survey, thank you so much to everyone who contributed.  Our coaches are already implementing some of the ideas and requests from the emails received.


Q Gear

We are making the QMasters t-shirt prize available to everyone!  Please let Karen Green know what size (men's or women's) you'd like via email at  Karen will be taking orders until Friday 2/9.  The price will be approximately $15.  If you don't purchase one now, we will do another order in a few months - probably around the summer long course meet at the end of June.



We had a fantastic time at the Valentine's Meet at USF this past weekend.  Jay, Tim & I posted some pretty decent times and collected a rainbow of ribbons.  It was a nice short meet as warmups started at 8am and the last event was over before 2pm.

The next meet on our radar is the Rinconada Masters Spring Meet in Palo Alto on March 10th.  As a one-day meet it's a perfect one for newcomers.  They have events ranging from those designated for Novices who have no prior competitive experience to events for the truly crazy people that want to swim the 1650 fly.   Sign up here.

After that is the CAL Aquatics Masters Spring Meet at UCB on March 25th.  Last year Matt, John, Tim & I participated in this one.   Sign up here

To keep on the calendar is the PacMasters Short Course Yards Championships in Moraga April 6-8th.  Although we can't register for this one yet you don't want to miss it.  Despite the rain and hail last year we had a smok'n fast relay and some pretty amazing individual swims.  Keep an eye on it here.

These meets are a really good way to get to know your team mates and stay motivated in the pool.  You don't have to be super-fast to compete, there are people swimming with all levels of ability.  No number of events is required, come out and try just one or two.

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Nothing like Spring Swimming in February!