Meet schedule and Practice times

Hi Cobra Familes - the meet schedule for 2018 is posted below.  We will have 5 home meets and 3 away meets this year due to the YMCA not having a home pool.  This will happen every few years.  The first day of practice will be Friday, June 1st.  New families will be asked to attend an afternoon practice on Thursday, May 31st to have their swimmers tested.  The practice times are listed on our website under the memer info tab.    Go Cobras!

Date Day Location Opposing Team
12-Jun Tuesday Away Saybrook
16-Jun Saturday Home Breckenridge
19-Jun Tuesday Home Steeple Run
23-Jun Saturday Home YMCA
26-Jun Tuesday Home Cress Creek CC
28-Jun Thursday Away Saybrook/HE Boys/Girls Invites
7-Jul Saturday Home Huntington Estates
10-Jul Tuesday Away Brookdale
14-Jul Saturday Away Stillwater
21-Jul Saturday Away Classic Meet
28-Jul Fri/Sat Away City Meet