Senior Champs Meet Information

Florida Senior Champs Meet Information


Items in RED will be updated as soon as we get assigned warm ups, volunteer requirements, and a timeline.  
This meet looks to be very big and competitive this year.  There are 992 athletes entered in the meet. 


February 22-25, 2018


YMCA Aquatic Center 

8422 International Drive

Orlando, FL 32819




We plan to have the athletes sit under the diving boards.  Please have them pack a chair.  The weather appears to be warmer for this meet.  Please still make sure your swimmers have socks and shoes, parkas, etc for the changing temperatures between warm ups and finals.

Parent seating is located in the balcony above the pool.  There was some drama in the parent section at FLAGs.  Please be mindful that there aren’t reserved seats and there is no standing on the railings in the balcony section.


The preliminary sessions will be swum in two separate 8 lane competition courses.  The diving well will be available for continuous warm up and warm down.

The scoreboard pool is the secondary competition pool, no fin blocks, no backstroke wedge.  The dive well side pool is the main competition pool with fin blocks and backstroke wedges.  The diving well is available for continuers warm up and warm down.

We expect that the Women will go: Dive Well Side, Scoreboard Side, Dive Well Side, Scoreboard Side.  Reverse for the Men.  


A reminder that this is a championship meet.  We want our swimmers getting sleep, resting between sessions, and not going out to long dinners at night.  The best way is to place to go orders for pick up or to get a place with a kitchen.  Naps between sessions should be at 25 minutes or 1.5 hours or longer for best REM cycle rest.  Time between sessions can also be used for homework!  Swimmers should speak to their teachers early to get assignments they may be able to do prior to returning to school after Senior Champs.

A reminder that all Senior Champ swimmers are off from swimming on Monday 2/26/18 and should use that day to catch up on any missed tests or assignments.  Again, plan ahead with your teachers.


Volunteer Timers

Based on team size, Florida Swimming will now be assigning requirements to visiting teams to help with timing.  Our requirements are 1 per session.  Please log-in to Team Unify and declare if you are willing to help time for one or more of the timing slots.  This is for prelims only.


Distance Swimmers

Please be sure that you have arranged to have a counter for your event.  Help each other out when possible (relay swimmers please lend a hand on Thursday if you can).



Remember that if you elect to wear swim cap it MUST be a Storm Swim Club team cap.

Please be sure that you are in the correct attire per day.  Be a TEAM.


Swimmers should warm up in a regular suit and put a tech suit on after warm ups.


Thursday - White Shirts

Friday - Navy Shirts / Champs Shirts at Finals

Saturday - Yellow Shirts / Champs Shirts at Finals

Sunday - Royal Shirts / Your Choice at Finals


Warm Ups


1000 Freestyle Swimmers - 3:40pm

800 Freestyle Relay Swimmers - Approx 5:20pm This will be updated when a timeline comes out!!!!

General Warm Up Swimmers - Between 3:40-6:40pm



Prelims - 7:35am (10min Dynamic) Lane 8 Scoreboard

Finals - 4:00pm (Relay Only Swimmers 5:00pm)



Prelims - 7:00am (10min Dynamic) Lane 8 Main Comp Pool

Finals - 4:00pm (Relay Only Swimmers 5:00pm)



Prelims - 7:35am (10min Dynamic) Lane 8 Dive Well

Finals - 4:00pm

*There will be two heats of 1650s at the beginning of Finals on Sunday.  TOP8 Women, TOP8 Men, regardless of age.  All the miles will be swum from fast to slow in prelims, again regardless of age.  They will be split out for points at the end of the meet.



All 15-16 swimmers achieving a TOP 16 position in the morning prelims will come back to swim again at night for A/B Finals.  For Open/Senior events it is the TOP 24 will return for ABC Finals.  We DO NOT scratch finals.



All 200 Relays will swim in Prelims.  All of the 400 and 800 relays will swim at Finals.

Relay order and selection is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.


Thursday 800 Freestyle Relay (At Finals)

Women A - Stanfield, Arnold, O’Donohoe, Ortiz

Men A - Coutant, Morton, Rogers, Henry

Men B - Smithers, Ortiz, Pollitt, Wheeler

Friday 200 Freestyle Relay (Prelims)

Women A - Stanfield, O’Donohoe, Ortiz, Tayag

Men A - Coutant, Morton, Rogers, Cioffi

Men B - Henry, Wheeler, Smithers, Ortiz

Friday 400 Medley Relay (At Finals)

Women A - Stanfield, Thomson, Arnold, Ortiz

Men A - Smithers, Wheeler, Rogers, Morton

Men B - Cioffi, Henry, Coutant, Ortiz

Saturday 200 Medley Relay (Prelims)

Women A - Stanfield, Thomson, Arnold, Tayag

Men A - Smithers, Wheeler, Rogers, Coutant

Men B - Cioffi, Henry, Gonzalez, Morton

Saturday 400 Freestyle Relay (At Finals)

Women A - Arnold, Stanfield, Ortiz, O’Donohoe

Men A - Rogers, Morton, Henry, Coutant

Men B - Cioffi, Ortiz, Wheeler, Smithers


*All relays are tentative.  Performance at the meet may change line ups / order.