Age Group Chair Update

Coaches & Reps,

A few bits for you as we prepare for the exciting part of the season:

Zone Coach Nominations

If you have a coach that you think would be a good fit to help coach Team Wisconsin, send me their name and they’ll be added to the ballot of potential zone coaches for this year.  Please specify whether this would be for the 14-U Zone Meet (Aug 2-5 in Minneapolis with potential activities on August 1st) or the Open Water Championship Meet (June 15th in Pleasant Prairie).  This is a great honor and reward for hard-working coaches. 

Coaches are paid a stipend for their duties and get fitted in a line of Team Wisconsin Speedo gear.

Nominations will be accepted through 11:59pm  on Wednesday, February 21st.

Zone Coach Voting

A ballot will be given to each club at 12-Under State to vote on the official zone coaching staff.  Each team gets 1 vote.  If your team will not be present at the 12-U state meet and you’d like to vote, email me and I can get you a ballot.

Winners will be announced the week of 13-over state.

USA Club Recognition

Most clubs know about USA Club Excellence—that’s the program that lists gold, silver, and bronze clubs (BAC, EBSC, MSS, and OZ all earned status this past year). What less clubs know about is the Club Recognition program.  It’s a framework to help teams work on all four aspects of the team: 1) Business & Organizational Success, 2) Parent & Volunteer Development, 3) Coach Development & Education, and 4) Athlete Development & Performance. 

Wisconsin Swimming is committed to placing a high value on its clubs advancing through the levels of Club Recognition Program.  After all, healthy clubs make a healthy LSC.

To that end, Wisconsin Swimming is incentivizing clubs that move to the next level:




  • Level 1-$500 for the club

  • Level 2-$750 for the club

  • Level 3-$1,500 for the club

  • Level 4-$3,000 for the club

Starting January 1, 2018, any club that moves from one level to the next will earn an incentive.  I’ve attached instructions on how to get started.  Once you’ve completed a level, send me a copy of the certificate and you’ll be all set.

 If you have questions on this, ideas on anything, or just want to shoot the breeze, be sure to catch me on the deck at Stoughton this weekend or at the state meet, or send me an email at