Parent Information Meeting 8 Feb 18

“LCSC 20/20 Vision: Preparing Properly for 2018 Spring Championships and Beyond” 

On Thursday, February 8, Coach Vince led a discussion of how athletes and families can enjoy a successful championship season with positive attitude, attendance, and attention to details.  Here are the liner notes from the discussion:

USA Swimming Annual Championship Seasons
            March: Spring Championships
Districts, JO’s, State Meets, Sectionals, NCSA Juniors, ISCA Elite
            July/August: Summer Championships
                        State Meets, Sectionals, NCSa Juniors,
                        USA Swimming Junior & Senior Nationals
            December: Fall Championships
                        Winter Junior & Senior Nationals

Daily/Weekly Planning
            Balancing time schedule

                        Academics, Training, Rest, Social
            Balancing nutrition and hydration
                        Athletes require increased nutrition and hydration
                        Eating smart and staying hydrated with water are very important to growth and health
                        Sports drinks are not recommended

Seasonal Planning
            Goals to be accomplished

                        Each individual has unique goals each session
                        Goals require planning and commitment
            Swim meet selection
                        Start with the end goal in mind (main championship meet)
                        Plan for one meet per month
                        Swim all events during a swim season (IMX plus)
                        Narrow event selection as championship approaches

Long Term Planning
            Local level Racing

                        3-4 days per week will prepare athlete adequately for local level
            State/Regional level Racing
                        Most swimmers across the state swimming at this level are training 5-6 days per week
            National/International level Racing
                        10,000 Hour Rule is a reasonable measure for success
                        2.5-3 million yards/year is the norm for athletes at this level
                        Requires long-term commitment, dealing with the ups and downs