2018 IES Junior Championships

IES Junior Championships 2018!


My favorite meet of the year is always Junior Championships and this year fulfilled and surpassed my expectations since CAST not only won the Spirit Award but also beat all the other teams and won the coveted meet championship!!

CAST swimmers scored a whopping 788 points beating the Channel Cats by 138 and The Waves by 292!  This marks the first time we have won this meet when an “away” meet which is a great achievement for our team.  Powered by a remarkable group of younger swimmers who stepped up big time for our relays and on their individual swims this meet was just so much fun!

To start off I’ve got to lead with our fantastic group of 10 and under girls.  Led by Chloe Bourland who won high point award for the 10 and under girls with a grand total of 46  point in that very tough division.  Chloe got it done with a remarkable number of best times and tough head to head swimming.  New swimmer Dakota Keyworth placed fourth overall followed by Rachel Nichols at 6th with 36 and 29 points, respectively.  All three of these girls combined with Kate Eddy for a second place finish in the 200 medley relay to get the meet going with a bang.

Our remarkable group of 8 and under girls had no less of an amazing meet.  Led by Nina Emry, who placed second in the high point 8 and under division with 48 points.  She led a remarkably talented group of young CAST girls with Allie Maykuth placing 3rd with 42 points and Tillie Sobeck finishing fourth with 40 points.  These three combined with Maggie Sobeck to start the meet off with a bang and placed 1st in the 100 medley relay with a remarkable time of 1:28.64.  These same four girls set a TEAM RECORD in the 100 free relay in a remarkable time of 1:15.50!!!  Way to go ladies!!!

For many of our swimmers this is the first time they have been exposed to a championship meet with swimmers 11 and over, who finish in the top eight, coming back in the evening to swim in finals.  This is a great experience, since in USA Swimming, all top meets have the prelims/finals format and this gives our newer swimmers a chance to experience this demanding structure.  Our swimmers did not disappoint, many swimming to best times in the morning and then coming back, tired, to finals and swimming at or better than their time in the morning – all of their hard work paid off!

Our first meet record of the meet happened a few minutes later in the women’s 14 and under 400 Medley relay.  Piper Colbert, Kaycee Skelton, Emma Fredekind, and Alysssa Milchalk combined in the 400 Medley relay to take first place in 4:55.32   Congrats Ladies!!

Sam Ausband had a great meet scoring 5 points and swimming the 200 medley relay to 2nd place and top eight finishes in 50 breast, 100 back and placing first in the 200 free relay.  Elijah Brown had a great meet scoring 16 points for the team and finishing second in the 50 breast, 1st in the medley rleay, 3td in the free relay and second in the 100 IM.  Wayne Cardwell had a spectacular meet scoring 22 points; finishing first in the 100 back, 4th in the 200 free, 3rd in the 100 breast and 7th in the 500 free.  This was Waynes breakthrough meet and its great to see him tear it up.  Camryn Carr scored 13 points dropping heaps of time in many events and making a strong case for a move up to junior squad in the near future, placing 3rd in the 50 free7th in the 500 and having major time drops in every event.  Ada Christensen scored 16, swam on two relays placed third in the 200 breast, 5th in the fly and 6th in the 50 free.  Piper Colbert swam on two first place relays, placed second in the 100 fly, 5th in the 100 free and dropped time in all events.  Noah Eddy had a breakthrough meet and swam on  two relays and finished top 8 in the 100 breast.  Lance Emry put together the best meet of his life and scored 23 for the team; relays, including second place in the 50 free, 8th in the 50 breast, 5th in 50 back, 3rd in the 100 breast and 8th in the100 IM.

Demi Blaylock scored 8 points with finishes in the 50 back two relays, and 50 fly.  Irelynd Ford had fun scored 3 points and is a rising star on this team, this young lady is a ton of fun to coach and placed 6th in the 50 back and swam a relay.  Emma Fredekind, already a SC Champs qualifier in  several events swam her off events, scored 22 points and had several more Champs times.  Luke Fredekind had an eye-popping meet scored 26 points, was in the running for high point, and dropped an amazing 26 seconds in his 200 free, placing second, 4th in the 50 free2nd in th e 100 fly6th in the 100 back and 5th in the 100 free!  Kaleigh Goetz scored 6 points and had a 41 second drop in her 200 back for 6th place, 4th in the 200 breast.  It’s good to see Kaleigh get over some health problems and back at full speed!

Mason Groth scored 6and swam an amazing 27.50 in the 50 free for 3rd place!  What a speedster!!  Paul Janke who tied for second in high point with a crazy 48 point totaldropped time in every event and emerged as one of the stars of the meet.  Paul is 100% all the time practice and meets and its great to see all of his hard work pay off in such a big way!  Dakota Keyworth, one of the best kickers on the team, scored 36 points, dropped amazing amounts of time placed 1st in the 50 fly, 3rd in the 100 fly,5th in the 50 free6th in the 50 breast and 2nd in the 100 free and 100 IM.  What a versatile young lady.

The Linford men, led by Ben with 41 points and a high point contender, Zach with 9 points, and Ethan with 19 points were a point scoring machine in three age groups.  It was great to see Ethan have a break-out meet at 8 years old and just swam crazy fast.  Zach place first in the 50 fly so he was the meet’s top dog in that event.  And Ben the oldest just went crazy with time drops, many huge, in every event!  Ben’s quiet but mighty.

Another quiet but mighty swimmer is Allie Maykuth, 8, who scored 42 points, was in the high point battle, placed 1st in the 25 back, 2nd in the 50 breast, 3rd in the 25 fly3rd in the 100 free, 2nd in the 50 fly, and 2nd in the 50 back – what a talented young swimmer!!!

Alyssa Milchalk showed all the toughness in the world and swam to 4th in the 400 IM,5th in the 200 IM6th in the 100 back, 4th in the 100 free, and third in the 100 fly and swam on two first place relays – way to go girl!  Rachel Nichols scored 29 and swam a tough slate of events 200 IM 5th, 4th 200 free3rd 50 free, 7th 100 back, 4th in the 100 free and 8th in the 100 IM.  Way to go girl!  Emorie Rasmussen scored 7 points 4th in th 500 free, 8th in the 100 breast and swam on two top relays. 

The Sobeck family had a wonderful meet with Maggie, just 6 scoring 5 points swimming against 8 year olds, placing 8th in the 50 fly, 8th in the 25 breast, 8th in the 50 free, and 7th in the 25 fly.  Big sister Tillie, 8, swam crazy fast, scored a whopping 40 points, was a contender for high point and placed 4th in the 100 free, 3rd in the 100 IM,3rd in the 25 free, 7th in the 50 fly, 3rd in the 25 free7th in th e 50 fly, 6th in the 50 back, 2nd in the  25 back2nd in the 50 free, and 5th in the 25 fly.  Both ladies were on relays too!

Kaycee Skelton had a phenomenal meet, scoring 18 points with a tough slate of events.  I’ve gotta give a tip of the cap to Kaycee who has to deal with her diabetes and problems stemming from fluctuations in her blood sugar levels.  Kaycee was battling huge highs and lows during competition and during some of her finals races she should not have been swimming.  But she stuck it out and preformed remarkably during finals when she had back to back to back events.  Great finishes, nice time drops and one tough competitor!

What a great meet for our team, I was so proud of each and every one of them!  Many of them will go on now and swim in Short Course Champs in two weeks having reached their qualifying times.  Congrats to all qualifiers! 

Also I want to apologize for taking so much time to get this out, you all should have had this in your hands last week at this time.  Sorry!


Coach Bob