April swim meets assignments

 In April we will have 2 swim meets at same weekend - April 27-29th. Please follow the listed instructions as our goal is to let all swimmers have an opportunity to attend a meet. :

1. Dick Lafave meet at KCAC will be a Long Course meet (LCM) and will require at least 1 PNS"Silver" time to enter, this meet is for Age group and above (including HS, Reg, Adv, SS) and Nov group swimmers with a qualified time. 

2. Marin Morrison meet is a short course meet, and is limited to 40 swimmers to attend therefore, this meet is for Pre-comp, Dev group swimmers and limited Nov group swimmers who did NOT have any qualified time to attend Dick Lafave meet. In case we are over the limit, we will trim the roster based on swimmers group (Nov first to be removed) and age (older one first to be removed).

3. Please note the upcoming Feb Div meet and March Finishing Touch meet time will count into the qualifying time (and I will update the times before above Dick Lavare meet close in order to get your swimmer into the meet if qualified).

4. LCM meet at PNS is first come first serve, so we will obviously try our best to get into the meet but if we do/can not, we will have to adjust our swim meet attending schedule and try next one coming up. Thanks for your understanding.