EAC Newsletter 02.12.18

Good morning, Gators!

Here’s this week’s newsletter…

  1. Weekend Recap - Congratulations! It was a VERY full weekend of swimming, and there is much to celebrate. Our high school boys had fantastic times at Leagues on Friday night, we won our dual meet versus Lebanon Valley on Saturday morning, the high school girls had amazing times at Leagues Saturday afternoon, our 10 & Unders had great times at the Valentine Invitational, and our USA swimmers brought some serious speed and determination in Delaware yesterday! Congratulations to EVERYONE!!!
  2. Practice Schedule – Normal practice schedule this week.
  3. Divisional Entries Due – Entry forms for Divisionals are due from EVERYswimmer by the end of practices on Tuesday. If you have any questions about these forms, please let me know.
  4. Volunteers for Divisionals and All Stars – The league requires that every team supply volunteers for Divisionals and All Stars. We will have that sign-up “event” added to the website by Wednesday evening. I will send a mid-week update to let everyone know it’s ready. There are a few families that have zero or one volunteer slots completed, and I strongly encourage those families to be the first to sign up to help at Divisionals and All Stars.
  5. T-Shirts for All Stars - Unfortunately, we only have a few hours left to pre-order T-shirts for All Stars. There WILL be some shirts available for purchase at All Stars and they will also be accepting orders for T-shirts that day. If you definitely want to pre-order,  you must send me the size and description by 11:45 a.m. Here are the options (I could not find a picture of the T-shirt on their website):    Short Sleeve T-shirts $15.00 each - 2/3XL-$20.00 each  Long Sleeve T-shirts $18.00 each - 2/3XL-$23.00 each  Hooded Sweatshirt $25.00 each - 2/3XL-$30.00 each
  6. Banquet – Don’t forget to set aside the evening of Sunday, March 11th for our EAC Banquet! 

Have a great week!