BBST Weekly Update February 26th

BBST Weekly Update February 26th

Last Chance Challenge

  • Registration deadline for BBST's Last Chance Challenge March 10th-11th is THIS WEDNESDAY, February 28th. Please declare your swimmer “YES or NO” by 8 pm on Wednesday.
    • Gold and above swimmers are choosing their own events. The meet file has been updated, so swimmers can now go in and select their events. If you had already done this, you will need to re-do them by Wednesday night. Keep in mind, the coaches reserve the right to change events without notice.
    • Bronze and silver swimmers’ events will be chosen by the coaches. Parents need only declare “YES or NO” and click “Save Changes”. Any events selected will be removed.
  • Job signups for the Last Chance Challenge will open THIS FRIDAY, March 2nd at 5:00 pm. This is an all hands-on deck meet, so please plan on helping volunteer regardless of whether your swimmer attends the meet.

February Divisionals Results/Highlights

  • BBST had some great swims at Divisionals in Kamiak this past weekend. Below are some highlights from the meet.
    • 1st Place Finishes:
      • Ansley Hardy (200 FR, 500 FR), Ariel Fuhrman (500 FR), Grace Sorensen (50 FLY), Evelyn Buetow (100 IM), Faith Sasken (400 IM), Ellary Boyd (100 BA), Rian Lee (50 FR, 50 BR, 50 BA, 50 FLY), Kai Arthur (500 FR), Slava Gofman (500 FR, 400 IM), Gavin Jones (500 FR), Jonah Herring (400 IM, 100 BA), Mattias Brand (200 FLY)
    • Top 8 Swims:
      • Kera Lam, Amelia Balogh, Ansley Hardy, Ruby Barrett, Helen Buetow, Jordyn Tweddle, Grace Sorensen, Addi Getz, Michaela Lemcke, Julie Gill, Ariel Fuhrman, Jaeli Tilley, Armelle Lee, Mia Eide, Evelyn Buetow, Ana Zurcher, Florence Lo, Emma Balogh, Faith Sasken, Natalie Divita, Ellary Boyd, Kaden Lam, Logan Fuhrman, Rian Lee, Kai Arthur, Max Cowie, Julian Herring, Slava Gofman, Braedon Loeffelholz, Scotty Li, Noah Chen, Trey Rippon, Paul Kim, Gavin Jones, Jonah Herring, Nathan Chen, Addison Cross, Josh Smith, William Lewis, Wyatt Carlton, Marik Hardy, Mattias Brand, Scott Fuhrman, Nickolas Cowie, Alex Fuhrman
    • New Regional Cuts Achieved:
      • Emma Balogh (50 FR), Grace Sorensen (50 FLY), Wyatt Carlton (200 BA), Noah Chen (200 FLY), Addison Cross (200 FR), Marik Hardy (50 FR), Jonah Herring (100 BA, 400 IM), Gavin Jones (200 BA, 200 IM)
  • Click here for February Divisionals Meet Results.

Scratch Procedures for Championship Meets

March Newsletter

  • The March Newsletter comes out this week! Please make sure to read the newsletter each month carefully as each edition has important information ONLY provided in the Monthly Newsletter. You don’t want to miss these important announcements.
  • A huge shout out to Jeanne Gaffney for all of her hard work in creating the newsletter each month! Thanks, Jeanne!