Updates to our Team Records

We had a lot of updating to do on the Team Record list after this weekend’s Senior Championships.  Here is a list of new Individual Records:

Nathaniel Pollitt 1650 Free

Victoria Ortiz 1000 Free

Aidan Henry 1000 Free

Jacob Coutant 200 Free

Jacob Coutant 50 Free

Taylor Thomson 200 Breast

Austin Wheeler 200 Breast

Taylor Thomson 100 Breast

Austin Wheeler 100 Breast

Taylor Thomson 50 Breast

Austin Wheeler 50 Breast

Summer Stanfield 200 Back

Kyle Smithers 200 Back

Kyle Smithers 100 Back

Kyle Smithers 50 Back

Jacob Coutant 200 Fly

Nicholas Rogers 50 Fly

Summer Stanfield 400IM

Kyle Smithers 400IM


Relay Records that have fallen:

Women 200 Medley Relay (Stanfield, Thomson, Arnold, Tayag)

Women 400 Medley Relay (Stanfield, Thomson, Arnold, Ortiz)

Men 200 Free Relay (Coutant, Morton, Rogers, Cioffi)

Men 400 Free Relay (Rogers, Morton, Henry, Coutant)

Men 800 Free Relay (Coutant, Morton, Rogers, Henry)

Men 200 Medley Relay (Smithers, Wheeler, Rogers, Coutant)

Men 400 Medley Relay (Smithers, Wheeler, Rogers, Morton)


New National Meet Cuts

Taylor Thomson: FUTURES - 100 Breast

Summer Stanfield: WINTER JUNIORS - 400IM

Austin Wheeler: FUTURES - 200 Breast

Jacob Coutant: FUTURES - 100 Fly, 200 Fly