STAGS Championships Recap

I’ve always taken great pride in our team, not only as a coach, but also as a former Lone Star swimmer myself. Having been part of this team since 1999, I’ve always felt great honor in where we have come from and the path we have taken. I’ve seen many phenomenal performances; many are still unfathomable. But the past is the past. The future depends on what we do now.

This weekend, we witnessed focused, committed and accountable athletes go above and beyond the imaginable. Ruthless and relentless, our athletes pounded STAGS in what was (in my opinion) one of the most successful meets we ever had.


The STAGS (South Texas Age Group Swimming) Championships is a meet featuring the fastest swimmers in our region (Waco to Brownsville); this past weekend LSAC had 20 athletes compete and bring home some serious hardware. Entering the meet with 3 athletes qualified to compete at TAGS (14 & under state championships) Lone Star ended the meet with 11; we also had several team records go down! It was quite a feat to watch our athletes go out and compete and get the reward for their hard work!

The Lone Star ladies combined to finish 12th over all led by Kendal Kurowski. She made a complete sweep of the backstroke events and the LSAC records taking gold in the 11-12 50, 100, and 200 back breaking her own team records in the shorter of the two races. In the 200 back Kendal blitzed the field en route to breaking the 14-year-old record.

Dru Kimball broke out the secret stash this weekend taking down the 10 & under 100 free record set in 2012 by Annie Wang. She also placed extremely well in finals taking home the bronze in the 100 breast and qualified for 8 championship finals out of her 9 races.

Charlotte Brusseau debuted in her first STAGS by dominating her swims in 6 championship finals appearances. After several close calls with the TAGS-times this year Charlotte took it to another level qualifying in the both the 50 and 100 fly.

Sophia Trinh was on a mission. Holding nothing back, shewas able to lock up a bronze finish in the 50 breast and and snag her first TAGS time as well.

Annie Wang did was she does best: Tore it up. Annie arrived on the final day and punished the field in the 100 fly. In doing so, she was able to take down a decade old team record in the 100 fly


On the boys side Levi Bose and Marco Guzman led the charge as the men finished 9th overall.

Levi had possibly the most picture perfect race of the meet in the 11-12 50 fly. After qualifying last for the championship final Levi was able to move up 5 places to secure the bronze medal and a TAGS cut! He was also able to add the 200 free and 100 free to his portfolio in what was a most impressive meet.

In the 50 breast Skyler Yue touched 3rd for bronze while Marco dominated the competition taking home the gold and moves closer to the 14 year old 11-12 boys record. Marco also raced his way to the silver medal in the 200 breast.


Throughout all of this action the story of the meet was the Lone Star 10 & Under boys. All were competing in their first ever STAGS meet. To start it off Jaxon Kurio, Joey Leese, Jayden Yue, and Noah Bose teamed up to take first in the 400 free relay!

Jayden Yue and Noah Bose then paced the way with bronze medal finishes in the 100 back and 200 respectively. Joey Leese placed 6th in the 100 breast, Jayden took 4th in the 50 back , Jake McGill took home 8th in the 100 free and Noah won the consolation final of the 100 free. None of these guys had a single A-time at the beginning of the year and all will be competing at TAGS this weekend! Insane!


What an outstanding weekend it was for LSAC! We are very proud of how everyone raced and cheered for each other. We look forward to seeing everyone moving on to the TAGS level get out there and compete!


Notable Swims

10 & under

Charlotte Brusseau

            •           100 Breast—5th—AA

            •           200 Free—7th—AA

            •           50 Fly—6th—TAGS

            •           100 Free—16th—AA

            •           100 IM—10th—AA

            •           100 Fly—TAGS

Noah Bose

            •           200 Free—3rd—AA

            •           100 Free—9th—AA

            •           50 Free—12th

Daphne Hofkamp

            •           50 Fly—19th—AA

Dru Kimball

            •           50 Back—6th—TAGS

            •           100 Breast—3rd—TAGS

            •           200 Free—TAGS

            •           50 Fly—11th—TAGS

            •           100 Free—5th—TAGS

            •           100 IM—TAGS

            •           50 Breast—6th—TAGS

            •           100 FLY—TAGS

            •           50 Free—TAGS

Jaxon Kurio

            •           50 Back—14th

Joey Leese

            •           100 Breast—6th

            •           100 Back—10th—AA-time

Jake McGill

            •           100 Free—8th—AA-time

            •           50 Free—11th

Jayden Yue

            •           50 Back—4th—TAGS

            •           100 Back—3rd—TAGS

Boys 4x100 Free Relay—1st

            •           Jaxon Kurio, Joey Leese, Jayden Yue, Noah Bose


Skyler Yue

            •           50 Breast—3rd—AA-Time

Sophia Trinh

            •           50 Breast—3rd—TAGS

Kendal Kurowski

            •           50 Back—1st—11-12 Record

            •           100 Back—1st—11-12 Record

            •           50 Fly—TAGS

            •           200 Back—1st—11-12 Record

            •           50 Free—TAGS

Marco Guzman

            •           200 Breast—2nd—TAGS

            •           100 Free—12th

            •           50 Breast—1st—TAGS

            •           50 Free—7th—AA

Levi Bose

            •           200 Free—6th—TAGS

            •           50 Fly—3rd—TAGS

            •           100 Free—4th—TAGS

            •           100 Fly—AA

            •           50 Free—12th—AA


Preslie Tingler

            •           200 Fly—11th

            •           100 Back—13th—AA

            •           200 Back—AA


Annie Wang

            •           100 Fly—9th—Team Record

            •           50 Free—3rd—Sectionals

Lauren Leese

            •           400 IM—11th