Importance of volunteering at meets

Dear Neptune families,

      An incident was brought to my attention that happened this past weekend at the Napa Swim meet and I feel the need to address it today.
      A little back story is needed to completely understand the dynamics here.  Host teams rely heavily on assistance from us, the collective swimming community, to run any level of swim meet, positions such as stroke & turn officials and lane timers.  The number of volunteers that is required is based on the number of Neptune Swimmers that have signed up for the meet - Not the number of Neptune swimmers actually attending the meet. 
        This past weekend at the Napa meet, our team was tasked with covering 6 chairs for timing. Saturday our lanes were covered by the same crew of timers for the entire session. On Sunday, 2 coaches had to cover the lane timing for quite some time because parents from our team at the meet were unwilling or unable to come forward and fulfill our “shared” obligation.   
       If we as a team know what is expected from us prior to the meet, we will set up an online job sign up.  If we do not know about it ahead of time, you can assume at every meet, we will be responsible for providing lane timing volunteers all day & both days. 
       Moving forward in hopes of avoiding this type of situation again, we ask that our team members only sign up for meets they are actually planning to attend and if you are signed up for a meet, you are signing your child to compete and you are also signing yourself up to “share” the timing responsibilities with other team members. 
Please let us know if you have any questions. 
Thank you for your support & GO NEPTUNES!