Short Course Championship Season

 Short Course Championship Season

2018 Short Course FLAGs:
Saint Petersburg Aquatics sent ten (10) athletes to compete in the Florida Swimming Age Group Short Course Championships in Orlando, Florida. Representing SPA were Ainsley Burke, Kathryn Elnicki, Claire Emerson, Lalita Garofalo, Kayla Kies, Sarah Lankford, Chloe McDonald, Alex Pope. Alexander Lambridis and Brandon Rocha.
Points were awarded from 1st to 16th place. SPA Girls 13-14 200 Yard Freestyle Relay team of Chloe McDonald, Kathryn Elnicki, Kayla Kies and Sarah Lankford took 12th in the event. Bandon Rocha swimming in the Boys 10&Under Division took 12th in the 500 Freestyle, 6th in the 50 Breaststroke, 5th in the 100 Breaststroke, and 14th in the 100 IM.
2018 Short Course Senior Championships:
Thirty-six (36) athletes represented SPA at the Florida Swimming Senior Short Course Championships in Orlando just a few days after the conclusion of FLAGs. Competing in the meet were Mya Baker, Abigail Berlin, Shay Cassady, Taylor Emerson, Julia Finster, Ana Forrister, Emma Forrister, Maslin Grant, Alanna Growe, Alexis Hernandez-Flores, Stephanie Hernandez, Natalie Iafe, Lindsey Leadbetter, Madison Pyhel, McKenzie Pyhel, Taylor Williams, Joe Brockman, Ben Cote, Lukas Cote, Sean Doolittle, Robert Finke, Cameron Gerard, Joe Gonzalez, Magellan Grant, Colton Gray, Tyre Hill, Justin Irvin, Caleb Kravitz, Gordon Leadbetter, Gray Maloney, Harrison McGriff, Joshua McQueen, Nick Metro, Michael Muskepo, Eli Rust, and William Walker.
Senior Championships is broken into two divisions, 15-16 and Open. The top 16 swimmers from prelims in the 15-16 division return for finals at night. In the open division, the top 24 swimmers from prelims return for finals. In both divisions only the top 16 at finals score points. Combined SPA finished 8th. Robert Finke won high point for the Boys Open Division as well as set a NAG Record in the 1000 Free and a new meet record in the 1650 Free.
Returning for finals (15-16 Division Top 16, Open Division Top 24) were:
Alexis Hernandez-Flores, 15-16 Girls, 9th 500 Free, 12th 1000 Free, 7th 1650 Free, 10th 200 Butterfly;
Alanna Growe, 15-16 Girls, 12th 500 Free, 13th 1000 Free;
Abigail Berlin, 15-16 Girls, 16th 50 Breaststroke;
Lindsey Leadbetter, Open Girls, 7th 50 Free, 13th 100 Free, 10th 50 Backstroke, 11th 100 Backstroke, 15th 50 Butterfly;
Maslin Grant, Open Girls, 16th 50 Backstroke, 11th 200 Backstroke, 24th 400 IM;
Taylor Williams, Open Girls, 16th 100 Backstroke, 16th 200 Backstroke, 21st 100 Breaststroke, 22nd 100 Butterfly,
24th 200 IM;
Emma Forrister, Open Girls, 12th 200 Breaststroke, 19th 400 IM;
Shay Cassady, Open Girls, 18th 200 IM;
Lukas Cote, 15-16 Boys, 2nd 200 Free, 5th 100 Backstroke, 2nd 200 Backstroke, 5th 200 IM;
Joseph Brockman, 15-16 Boys, 15th 500 Free, 9th 200 Butterfly;
Gordon Leadbetter, 15-16 Boys, 16th 50 Backstroke;
Harrison McGriff, 15-16 Boys, 11th 50 Breaststroke;
Sean Doolittle, 15-16 Boys, 10th 200 Butterfly;
Gray Maloney, 15-16 Boys, 13th 200 Butterfly, 14th 400 IM;
Robert Finke, Open Boys, 1st 1000 Free, 1st 1650 Free, 1st 200 Free, 1st 500 Free, 1st 200 Butterfly, 1st 400 IM;
Benjamin Cote, Open Boys, 18th 1000 Free, 10th 1650 Free, 22nd 400 IM;
Colton Gray, Open Boys, 12th 50 Free, 8th 100 Free, 19th 200 Free, 11th 100 Backstroke, 12th 200 Backstroke;
Nicholas Metro, Open Boys, 14th 100 Free, 12th 50 Breaststroke;
Joshua McQueen, Open Boys, 10th 200 Free, 16th 500 Free, 12th 200 Butterfly;
Magellan Grant, Open Boys, 4th 50 Backstroke, 9th 100 Backstroke, 10th 200 Backstroke;
Caleb Kravitz, Open Boys, 4th 200 Backstroke, 13th 200 Butterfly, 16th 200 IM, 6th 400 IM;
Joseph Gonzalez, Open Boys, 24th 50 Butterfly;
2nd - Boys 200 Free Relay (Colton Gray, Luks Cote, Nicholas Metro, Robert Finke);
1st – Boys 400 Free Relay (Robert Finke, Lukas Cote, Nicholas Metro, Colton Gray);
9th – 200 Medley Relay (Robert Finke, Harrison McGriff, Joseph Gonzalez, Nicholas Metro).