Long Course Schedule Update: URGENT

Hello EMAC

I have an update on our 2018 Spring/Summer  Long Course Schedule.  Please read about each meet below carefully and note that the time sensitivity with the All-American Memorial Day Meet, the Meet To Be Named, and the newly added Long Course Classic.

All-American Memorial Day Meet:   May 18-20     @ Franklin and Marshall

Membership Commitment Deadline:  Ongoing, read below

Our first batch of entries were sent in last night.   This morning I had two more swimmers enter.   

HERE is our current entry list.  All have been accepted.

If you want to be added to our entry file, please commit your swimmer now.

Please Note:

  • The meet is not yet filled.   You may still enter the meet.  I will send in a new file daily until the meet director tells me I that it has closed.  If you enter the meet on one day, I send the file in the next day, and the meet director does not accept the new entries, you will be notified and removed from the file.
  • These entries are not final.  Coaches Mike and Tim will work with the athletes on changes.  However, we will not begin to address these events with the swimmers until next week due to the meets this weekend.   We have plenty of time to make these changes.  Please be patient. 
  • The meet director has agreed to allow us to make changes to our existing entries even if the meet closes.

LCM To Be Named:  May 4-6

Membership Commitment Deadline:  Ongoing, same as above

I’ve been told that this meet information will be posted today and that the entries will open ASAP.  When the meet info and meet file is posted, I will send in an entry file asap to try to ensure our spot in the meet.  We will adjust from there in the same manner as mentioned above for the All-American Memorial Day Meet.

Long Course Classic @ Bucknell:  June 8-10

Membership Commitment Deadline:  March 6

Entries opened today for this meet.  We will be turning in our first batch of entries for this meet on Wednesday, March 7th.   I’ve spoken to the meet director and have confirmed this date is ok.  He will alert me if we need to move faster.   That means that you shouldn’t delay in committing your swimmer if you know he/she is attending.


It is a prelims/finals meet, but please note a few things:

  • We will not be putting tech suits on at finals.  While some teams there will allow their swimmers to put suits on, we will be saving those for champs.
  • Although it is a prelims/finals format, we will not be entering swimmers in only their “good” events.  We may be entering them in a combination of new events, challenging events, and main events. 
  • The value in this meet is two-fold:  1.  It’s another Long Course experience.  2.  Prelims/finals doubles your experience in one weekend. 

Afternoon Long Course Pentathlon: White’s Pool Road, Lansdale:  June 16

Membership registration deadline: March 29

This is a great one-day, one-session meet for swimmers ages 9 and older that are capable and willing to do a 100 of all 4 strokes and the 200 IM. 

We will likely be holding practice that morning, then heading to this meet as a great way to maximize a Saturday of training for our Champs LC Meets.


The remainder of the meets on our “tentative” Long Course Schedule HERE have not been added to MA’s website yet.  We will add these meets and post them as soon as we are aware.  If anyone sees that one of our meets has been added to the MA website, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Long Course Track for Swimmers New To Long Course

We will be discussing this further at our March 6 meeting.  We are working on a plan that allows developing swimmers to do both Long Course and remain committed to their summer league teams.  

The Long Course Competition track for these swimmers would include the following meets from our meet schedule:

1.  Alloy Alliance LC Intro Meet:       PAAC is working on establishing this meet for June 23.  Not confirmed yet. 

2.  Firecracker: July 6-8  in Allentown

3.  Silver Champs:   July 13-15 @ GCIT in South Jersey

I know it's crazy trying to commit to entries in a Spring/Summer session during short course champs season, but that's the name of the game when it comes to Long Course meets.  MA has 140 swim teams, the most of any LSC in the country.  We are also the fifth largest LSC in terms of number of athletes.   We come in near dead-last in number of Long Course facilties.   Because of this, it is always difficult getting into meets.  We will commit to doing the best we can to provide these opportunities for our atheltes.    

We're looking forward to our March 6 meeting where we can iron out some details of Long Course Competition schedule, Spring, and Summer sessions.  

Best of luck to all of our swimmers at JO's and Districts this weekend!!!