Weekly Wave 2/28
How you do anything is how you do everything. Your “character” or “nature” just refers to how you handle all the day-to-day things in life, no matter how small.

Derek Sivers: Character predicts your future

CHAMPIONSHIP PEP-RALLY…was held at the Lakes Rec Center and was the perfect kick off to our championship season. We ate great food (thank you families for bringing in some great eats and fixing the always delicious pancakes!), pumped up our championship qualifiers and just had fun as a team. We reminded everyone to keep everything in perspective during the championship season and trust the hard work that you have put in. Have fun and remember to STAY IN THE NOW and SWIM FAST! GO BLUE WAVE!

PRESIDENT’S DAY CLASSICwas a great meet for everyone. It gave our 11 & Overs an opportunity to swim at finals and our 9-10’s a chance to compete in a pentathlon of events on Saturday. We are very excited as some swimmers achieved Championship cuts, but best of all everyone swam like a champion, pushing each swim for some great performances! Way to go BLUE WAVE!!
We Broke 2 Individual Team Records:
  • Harrison Scarboro broke an eleven-year-old record in the 11-12 50 Breast with a 33.14. The old record was a 33.60, set by Matt Nielson in 2007.
  • Taylor Harper broke a twelve-year-old record in the 15-18 200 Free with a 2:01.87. The old record was 2:03.24, set by Sara Marron in 2006.
2 New BRONZE Level Members:
  • Audrey Hayward (1746)
  • Reagan Petti (1083)
6 Swimmers Earned Their First IMX Score of The Season:
  • Kristen Myers (1926)
  • Lauren Vannell (1742)
  • Valerie Chenault (1235)
  • Sammy Marlovits (961)
  • Max Wilson (653)
  • Quinn Wall (532)
19 Team Members Bettered Their Previous IMX Score:
  • Andrew Char (3080)
  • Taylor Harper (2934)
  • Lauren Long (2846)
  • Morgan Myers (2550)
  • Jasmine Boggs (2221)
  • Charlie Barker (1804)
  • Emma Vannell (1793)
  • Adison Gregory (1636)
  • Lili Thamasett (1565)
  • Maria Stalcup (1449)
  • Jake Anderson (1252)
  • Caleb Johnson (1129)
  • Giada Fassacesia (959)
  • Morgan Vannell (863)
  • Ava Levin (760)
  • Mason Egbert (744)
  • Owen Linares (273)
  • Sarah Sawyer (161)
The color is associated with the CLUB TSUNAMI  level  they have already achieved.
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Katie Balwinski: B-50 Breast
  • Charlie Barker: AA-50 Fly, 50 Free, A-100 Back
  • Gavin Bock: AAA-50 Free, A-200 Free, BB-200 Back
  • Jasmine Boggs: AA-50 Fly
  • Nathan Bruley: B-100 Free, 200 Free
  • Ann Cargill: A-200 Back
  • Samantha Carr: BB-100 Free, 200 Breast
  • Andrew Char: AA-50 Breast
  • Matthew Char: A-50 Back
  • Valerie Chenault: BB-500 Free, B-100 Breast, 200 Breast
  • Charlotte Clavin: B-50 Free, 100 Free
  • Michael Coppola: A-200 Free, BB-200 Fly
  • Connor Cubarney: B-50 Free, 100 IM
  • Keelan Delaney: B-500 Free, 200 Free, 200 IM
  • Lauren Farman: B-50 Free
  • Giada Fassacesia: B-50 Free, BB-100 Back, 100 Fly
  • Nick Ghods: B-400 IM
  • Adison Gregory: B-400 IM
  • Taylor Harper: AA-200 Free
  • Gavin Harrison: B-50 Breast, B-50 Fly, B-100 Breast, B-100 Free, B-200 IM
  • John Harrison: B-50 Breast, 50 Back, 100 IM, 100 Back
  • Audrey Hayward: B-500 Free, 100 Fly
  • Katie Helge: B-50 Free, 100 IM
  • Megan Helge: BB-100 IM
  • Justin Iglesias: A-100 Fly
  • Anna Klotz: AA-50 Free, 100 Free
  • Kylie Landry: B-50 Free
  • Ava Levin: B-100 Back
  • Lauren Long: AA-200 IM, A-100 Back, 200 Free
  • Ryan Marlovits: B-400 IM
  • Sammy Marlovits: B-500 Free
  • Ella Mcomber: AA-100 Back
  • Zack Mitarotonda: BB-500 Free
  • Kristen Myers: BB-200 Fly, 100 Fly
  • Eric Nguyen: A-100 Free
  • Shreya Paliwal: B-200 Free
  • Reagan Petti: A-50 Breast, BB-100 IM, 100 Back
  • Colin Pollock: BB-100 Free
  • Claire Porter: BB-200 Back
  • Annie Rieben: BB-50 Breast, B-50 Fly, 100 IM
  • EllaGrace Rieben: BB-100 Free, 100 IM, 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 50 Breast
  • Eleanor Roed: B-50 Fly
  • Ryan Rounds: BB-100 IM
  • Jake Rowley: B-50 Fly, 100 Fly, 100 Breast
  • Lea Sapatka: B-200 Back
  • Harrison Scarboro: AA-50 Breast, A-50 Free, 100 IM, 400 IM
  • Jack Seweryniak: B-50 Back
  • Reagan Skorupski: BB-100 IM, B-100 Breast
  • Maria Stalcup: BB-200 Back
  • Shang Tan: A-100 Fly, B-200 Fly, BB-400 IM, 200 Back
  • Connor Turbyfill: B-50 Free
  • Hope Van Tuyle: A-50 Free
  • Lauren Vannell: BB-200 Back
  • Morgan Vannell: BB-50 Fly, 50 Free, B-100 Fly
  • Quinn Wall: B-100 IM, 100 Free, 500 Free
  • Grace Ann Walton: B-200 Breast
  • Max Wilson: BB-100 Back, B-50 Free
  • Jonathan Youmans: BB-50 Breast
Ones in  BOLD  are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

WINTER GATOR MINI MEETwas a great meet for our 10 & Under TYPHOONS & GREEN Breakers on the team.  We saw some very impressive swims with great technique.  Each meet the technique aspects just keep getting better.  The coaches were happy to see all the hard work that goes into practice each session really paying off and this all resulted in some great improvements overall.
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Avery Edwards: B-50 Breast
  • Kyle Gadsby: B-50 Fly, 50 Free
  • Lily Greenwood: B-100 Back
  • Jack Miceli: B-50 Back
  • Nathan Rowley: B-50 Back
Ones in  BOLD   are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

The President’s Day Classic and Winter Gator Mini Meet were the final meets to qualify for the upcoming PVS Championships, so without further ado, please put your hands together for...
BLUE WAVE’s Championship TEAM:
Hanna Alic, Charlie Barker, Naska Batjargal, Lily Block, Gavin Bock, Jasmine Boggs, Brooklyn Bunker, Brody Byer, Dylan Byer, Ann Cargill, Samantha Carr, Andrew Char, Matthew Char, Eugene Choi, Michael Coppola, Abigail DeLong, Jaiden Diaz, Noah Dunn, Avery Edwards, Max Egbert, Ian Ferner, Cooper Fox, Kyle Gadsby, Nicholas Ghods, Adison Gregory, Carly Hanlin, Taylor Harper, Audrey Hayward, Megan Helge, Justin Iglesias, Ayla Jalali, Caleb Johnson, Anna Klotz, Ty Levin, Everly Livingston, Lauren Long, Ella Mcomber, Zachary Mitarotonda, Morgan MyersEric Nguyen, Evelyn Nguyen, Ian Park, Sydney Pattie, Reagan Petti, Stephen Petti, Claire Porter, Griffin Roed, Christopher Qian, Tyler Rounds, Nathan Rowley, Elle Santucci, Harrison Scarboro, Reagan Skorupski, Shang Tan, Isabella Van Ess, Hope Van Tuyle, Lauren Vannell, Morgan Vannell, Amelia Vranas, Jonas Wilson, Adam Youmans
* Those in BOLD are a member of the Junior Olympics and/OR Zones team.
Keep up the hard work everyone.

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We are challenged everyday to change ourselves to become the person we want to be!