AMS Athlete Newsletter Feb 2018

Once again, WHAT swimmers Emma Lintelman and Cecelia Costello are contributors to the AMS Athlete Newsletter.

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February AMS Athlete Newsletter

What Is This?

The AMS Athletes Committee has begun distribution of a monthly newsletter! Each month will feature original articles written by athletes within AMS about training, competing, and enjoying our sport. Please share and enjoy!

Editor: Abby Matheny, Senior Athlete Representative

Taper Time!

By Abby Matheny, PEAQ

As we head into Championship season, the time has come. Practices become shorter. Naps become longer. Meals become bigger. I cannot speak for every swimmer, but I look forward to taper every season. However, taper is not always easy. My coach is constantly reassuring us that it is ok to feel horrible during taper. He says if we feel weird in the water, we are doing it right. His reassuring words are not always comforting. It is hard to feel terrible in the water knowing the meet you have worked your whole season for is only a few days away. When I begin to worry,

I remember all of the work I have put in throughout the season. I remind myself that I will not let the way I feel a few days out effect the way I swim at the meet. I did not wake up at 5 in the morning and survive all of the horrible practices this season, to talk myself out of swimming up to my full potential. I want to wish all of the swimmers the best of luck this championship season! Let’s go make all of the hard work worth it!

Patience And Perseverance

By Cecelia Costello, WHAT

One of the most difficult parts of swimming is working hard and not seeing any improvement. That cut you have been trying to get for a year now is so close! You know you’re there, you know you can do it, but when? Last year, I got so close in qualifying for several WPIAL cuts for high school but never actually got there. Of course I was disappointed, being so close and falling short a few tenths of a second. This year I took that disappointment and ‘swam’ with it. I had gone to every practice, finished every set, and left each knowing I gave it my all. At the beginning of the season, I was dropping second after second, but about halfway in, I started to add a bunch of time. What was I doing wrong? I hadn’t lightened up on practicing, I was eating the right things, and I was getting enough sleep, why wasn’t I getting the times I wanted? I realize now that I can’t always go a best time, that’s just crazy, but at that moment, I was so caught up in doing well that I had forgotten failure is a huge factor in this sport. If we don’t fail, then we don’t learn and we don’t succeed. Once again, I went back to practice and started to focus on the little things. I had stopped expecting a specific number to show up on the board every time I competed. I just got up and raced because that’s what I was trained to do. I eventually qualified for four WPIAL events this year and couldn't be happier with how far I’ve come. Sure it was hard and a very emotional season, but in the back of my mind I knew I could do it, I just had to be patient.

Finding Highs In The Lows

By Emma Lintelman, WHAT

Life is full of ups and downs, especially when you’re a swimmer. One practice you get out of the water feeling like you owned it, and the next practice you fell defeated. I know this because my season has been full of highs and lows. I’ve had a very challenging school year academically and have struggled with physical exhaustion. Still wanting to be 100% committed to swimming and seeing my times drop, I have had to push myself harder than ever before. This was especially tough to do when I wasn’t able to achieve new best times.

During this low period I had to focus on the little things that kept me positive and remind me of my love of swimming. Blowing off steam and laughing with my friends during practice really helped to minimize my disappointments. Encouragement from my coaches helped me to see that my season wasn’t over. They told me to continue working hard then relax and trust the process. I never would have chosen to go through this low time, but I’ve grown a lot and my commitment to swimming is stronger than ever.

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  • Championship season is right around the corner! Most athletes are in the middle of their taper and getting ready to race!
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