Central Region C Meet Report

Congratulations to all the Central C competitors

Junior 1 & 2 Medalists 

Gold: Denes Kiss 100BR

Silver: Avery Leake 400FR, 400IM, Elise McManus 200BR, Denes Kiss 200 Medley Relay

Bronze: Avery Leake 200IM, Denes Kiss 100FR

Junior 1

Best Time: Serra Hamilton, Avery Leake, Tara Searcy, Rory Woudstra

New Qualification

B Centrals: Avery Leake 200FR,400FR,200IM,400IM Rory Woudstra 200IM

Junior 2

100% Best Times: Sheldon Inksetter, Eve Botterell, Alex Leclair, Elise McManus

Best Time: Luca Goulart, Denes Kiss, Uriyah Ravitz-Heller, Katelyn Bonisteel, Maddy Clapp, Addy Grant, Sofia Katsiroumpas, Sydney Kinnear, Mikayla Leys, Calla Linskill, Lauren Nakamachi-Rozwadowski

New Qualifications

B Centrals: Sheldon Inksetter 200BR, Denes Kiss 100FR, 100BK, 200IM, Elise McManus 200BR

C Centrals: Sheldon Inksetter 100FL, Addy Grant 200BK, Calla Linskill 100BK,200BK

Youth Festival

A small but enthusiastic group of Youth Festival swimmers attended the Central Region C Championships to demonstrate their improved skills and continued progress through the short course season.

Here are some of the highlights:


Travis Cumming - gold 50 & 200 free, silver 50 fly

Brandon Lee - gold in 100 IM, silver in 200 free, 100 back, 50 & 100 breast, bronze in 100 free

Jake Redfern – silver in 100 IM, bronze in 200 IM

Senior 1 

Best times: Graydon Bebbington, Leith Cameron, Emma Chee, Jessica Love, Maddy Kennedy
Top 3 finishes: Leith Cameron (400 IM), Emma Chee (200 Fly), Jessica Love (50 Free, 100 Br, 100 Fr, 200 IM), Maddy Kennedy (100 Br)