Revised Practices this week of AA's


BASH swim schedule – Week of AA’s – March 5- 9

First Congratulations to all new swimmers who earned new AA times at A Championships! We had a lot of new AA times in Finals each night. Entries for AA’s is going in today, Monday March 5 by 5 PM deadline. Please review your swimmers events on our website – we tried to add all new AA swims. Relays still being developed. We will be asking some swimmers to come to AA’s for relays only.

We are on our last week of almost normal practice. Swimmers who finished swimming at A Champions or not swimming any Championships are done until April.

Dolphin - Regular week with swim meet at BASH Ferris Pool – 5:45 PM warm up, Meet at 6:00 PM

AG 4 – Regular schedule M-T-W-F - - Thursday swim 6:30-7:30 PM IN FERRIS, NO TWIN LAKES

AG 3 – Regular schedule M-F

AG 2 – Regular M-Tue – Wednesday add 5:15-6:15 PM (Ferris), Thursday 6:30-7:30 PM (FERRIS NOT TWIN LAKES), Friday 5-6 PM Ferris

AG 1- Regular M-W-TH, Add Tuesday 7:15-8:30 PM Ferris, Friday 5-6 PM Ferris

Senior 3 – Done- no practices- those with AA’s events will combine with Senior 2 this week

Senior 2- Regular – Monday start at 6:30 PM, rest of week start at 3:30 PM

Senior 1- Regular and add Monday Wednesday AM’s

NO Saturday OR Sunday practices for any group due to AA’s

We will get the AA Championship info out soon with warm up, meet start times, etc.

Still need parents to sign up to volunteer at AA’s.

Week of March 12 – We will have only National and Zone swimmers practicing- we will have a special practice schedule for those swimmers published later this week.