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FAST Tigers Excel at the CE Indiana Divisional Championship

Your FAST athletes showed up to race at the CE Indiana Divisional Championships that took place at Fishers High School from March 2 - 4, 2018! Ready to hit the water from the first heat, your FAST athletes raced hard, competed well, and came together as a team! It was an amazing weekend of swimming for everyone involved.

How amazing was the meet? When the last race ended, your FAST Tigers tallied a whopping 209 new lifetime best swims and 23 new State cuts! Those earning lifetime best swims (and the number of lifetime bests were: Trevor Adcock (2), AJ Adams (4), Kalli Agapios (2), Humza Akhtar (1), Casey Alexander (6), Logan Ayres (2), Dan Bennett (3), Allon Bluvshtevyh (1), Lisa Bradford (3), Nathan Bradford (3), Sammy Bridges (3), Hannah Brown (2), Austin Carlile (5), Keaton Chop (2), Riley Cristat (2), Sean Deimling (2), Ellen Fero (1),  Finley Flanary (2), Aly Freeman (1), Alex Garcia (4), Rachel Garcia (3),Hannah Harding (2), Izzy Harding (3), Dominic Henderson (5), Isaac Henderson (2), Louie Henderson (3), Victor Herbert (3), Amon Hioki (2), Hunter Hollowell (3), Tommy Johanneman (1), Taichi Kataoka (6), Bruno Kitazuka (4), Diane Koo (4), Hudson Lee (5), Zoe Luckie (1), Ethan Mai (2), Anna Meyer (3), Abby Miller (2), Thomas Miller (6), Megan Mybeck (3), Tommy Mybeck (3), Amy Nguyen (1), Megan Parker (3), Jessica Patrick (3), Emily Pfeifer (4), Charlie Ramey (6), Frankie Ramey (3), Lindsay Reichert (4), Grace Robinson (1), Molly Robinson (5), Ben Russell (4), Eduardo Sanchez (6), Emma Schwertfeger (5), Marcus Sherrod (5), Callie Shine (6), Nic Silva (3), Avery Stein (5), Kylie Terpening (2), Nick Viola (1), Olivia Walterman (5), Sarah Walton (2), Mia Wilson (5), Ashley Wyatt (6), Kevin Zhang (5), and Lily Ziino (2).

Those earning new Senior State or Age Group State cuts were: Trevor Adcock (2), AJ Adams (3), Logan Ayres (1), Ellen Fero (1), Alex Garcia (1), Izzy Harding (3), Bruno Kitazuka (2), Jessica Patrick (3), Charlie Ramey (1), Frankie Ramey (1), Lindsay Reichert (1), Molly Robinson (2), and Kylie Terpening (2).

Thank you to the officials, volunteers, and parents who made this an amazing championship meet for the athletes who worked so hard to get to the Divisional meet. And, thank you to all who donated supplies and money through the FAST Gives Back program to the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana. We appreciate you all and could not do this without you!

We look forward to the rest of the short course championship season and the upcoming Senior State and Age Group State Championship meets. It’s a great time to be a Tiger!

Tiger Up!