TAGS Recap

And it’s a wrap folks!

The TAGS Championship Meet marks the end of the short course season for LSAC.  TAGS is the highest level age group championship meet offered in Texas with qualification times being in the range of AAA-to-AAAA time standards; as a result some incredible things tend to happen as athletes all over the state find ways break through their limits.

Over the weekend we had 11 swimmers compete and 10 were first time TAGS qualifiers! My high school basketball coach used to say, “When the popcorn is popping, the lights are bright, and the stands are full the real ballers come out to play.” Our swimmers pushed themselves to new heights and it was a sight to behold! Additionally several team records went down in the process.

Over the 4-day meet the 10 & under boys really went out and showed a level of confidence that matched their meteoric rise this season. Ever since I was a kid on this team, LSAC has always had a knack for knocking off the big teams in the state, it was awesome to see the tradition continue. On Friday Noah Bose, Jacob McGill, Jaden Yue, and Jaxon Kurio swam the 400 free relay en route to a new team record and a 10th place finish. Joey Leese replaced Noah on the 200 medley relay finishing 9th; also setting a new team record.

Jaden Yue—a modern day Davy Crockett. Starting the season with 0 A-times he waited until the last month of the season to show everyone what he had cooking in the kitchen. Participating in BB-Champs he earned his first A-cut, the next weekend he got another, THE NEXT WEEKEND he got 2 TAGS times, THE NEXT WEEKEND he wrapped it all up at TAGS finishing 13th in the 100 back to lead the 10 & under boys.

Dru Kimball and Charlotte Brusseau were on fire for the 10 & under girls. Qualifying for the 50 and 100 fly this meet—Charlotte took advantage of her opportunities and raced her way into both finals. While scratching the 50 fly Charlotte was able to drop nearly 3 seconds to secure an 11th place finish in the 100 fly. Dru bounced back on from a HEAVY first day of competition torching the Consolation Final of the 50 free finishing 9th overall. On the final day of competition she turned in a prime time 100 free in Championship Final taking 6th and broke her own team record in the process.

Levi Bose and Marco Guzman caped off an impressive season as well. Both tore up their races after having just dominated STAGS the weekend before. Levi crushed his 3-TAGS races with his highest placing being 26th 200 free. Marco kept it popping, crushing a personal best in the 100 breast and finished 18th overall.

Both boys started the season with 0 TAGS cuts and finished with 6 total. They have that rare skill that all great athletes have: pushing each other and taking their game to the next level when the pressure is on. You guys are great leaders and we are proud of the example you set. Way to finish strong guys!

Sophia Trinh had been knocking on the door of a TAGS time since the fall. Nearly eveytime behind the block she chipped away at qualifying before blowing away the qualification time in the 50 breast at STAGS. She closed out the season racing to a 21st place finish in the state in the 50 breast! Look out for her to make some major moves up the rankings this summer during the Long Course season!

Our Lone TAGS veteran was Kendal Kurowski. She was the glue who brought the team together. Kendal’s experience and composure at high level meets provided stability to the stable of newcomers. She raced her way to an 11th place finish in the 50 back following a 3-way tie in prelims and bounced back for a 7th place finish in the 100 back. Kendal finishes the season with three team records; her hard work and dedication has helped Lone Star transcend to a new level.

We look forward to seeing what we can do in the long course season and seeing more LSAC athletes qualifying for these big meets! Check your emails for updates on upcoming clinics and swim meets. Don’t forget to checkout Jack Conger’s Instagram…. ;)


10 & under

400 freestyle relay—10th

  • Noah Bose, Jake McGill, Jaden Yue, Jaxon Kurio

200 medley relay—9th

  • Jaden Yue, Joey Leese, Jaxon Kurio, Jake McGill

Jayden Yue

  • 50 back—18th
  • 100 back—13th

Dru Kimball

  • 100 breast—26th
  • 200 free—28th
  • 50 back—33rd
  • 100 fly—23rd
  • 50 free—19th
  • 50 breast—26th
  • 100 free—6th

Charlotte Brusseau

  • 100 fly—11th
  • 50 fly—16th



Levi Bose

  • 200 free—26th
  • 100 free—36th
  • 50 fly—30th

Marco Guzman

  • 100 breast 18th
  • 200 breast—22nd
  • 50 breast—22nd

Kendal Kurowski

  • 50 back—11th
  • 100 back—7th
  • 50 free—47th
  • 200 back—29th
  • 50 fly—18th

Sophia Trinh

  • 50 breast--21st