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TAC Weekly Letter

Quote for the week:

"You cant get much done in your life if you only work on the days you feel good."

~Jerry West, Basketball Hall of Famer


TAC Baby Shower

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Cal and Rachels baby shower, and a thank you to everyone who bought them a gift. If you missed it but are still interested in helping get them ready for a new baby.


They are registered at Amazon: Rachel Mank and Calvin Milbach.

They are also registered at babylist, https://www.babylist.com/rachel-mank


A Big Thank you to all our helpers

With the TAC-E being over, I want to thank all our parents who put in so many hours helping run the swim meet. You guys are great and we could not have hosted this event without your support and time. Thank you


TAC-E Results

You can see your results online.


It was a good meet, we had a number of best times, the team took 1st by a large amount and the team set 4 new records.



Josephine Houtby, 100 back 1:37.17, beating her own record which was 1:41.17 set in January. Nicely done.

Josephine Houtby,100 breast 1:54.90, beating her own record which was 1:59.73 set in January. Again nicely done.

Jake Jennings,50 back 39.04, beating Aaron Annett which was 39.90 set in 1992

Jake Jennings, 200 IM 3:12.97, beating Drew Burns set in 2015. Really well done, nice to see the records fall.


Swimmer of the Meet

Two swimmers of the meet for TAC-E. With Josephine and Jake setting two meet records each they are both deserving of SOM. These two swimmers are enthusiastic in practice, great example for their teammates and continue to improve and grow. They combined for 10 personal records, 4 team records and scored in most of their events.


WoW Swims

Oleksii Bondar, in his 200 fly he dropped 21 seconds, placed 3rd overall and went from a 2:44 to a 2:23. It was a unexpected swim but a great one. He surprised many of his teammates and pushed them to try and match that swim.

Josh Digweed,we were super impressed as he swam his 200 backstroke. He has really made huge strides in his backstroke. First time swimming it and placed 4th overall.

Ryan Horr, in his 200 backstroke he dropped 4 seconds, placed 1st in the event and came within 1 second of making his regional cut. He went out in a 1:01, really going for it and just fell off a little too much at the end. A really fearless swim.


Most Improved(largest time drops)

Again I thought this would be a tough one. Plenty of swimmers dropping time and I figured I would be doing a lot of math. That was until I ran into Andres Rivass time improvements. He dropped about 240 seconds overall. A total of 4 minutes, he dropped a ridicules amount of time. Only a few got within 100 seconds of Andres, nice job.


Lighting Strikes(swimmers best swims)

Allyson Adam,in her swim meet daube she swam like a champ, completing the 50 back and the 50 free like it was nothing.

Max Adam,dropped 2 seconds in his 50 fly, getting the hips up and arms over the water.

Laine Anderson, she dropped in 6 of 7, including a huge 24 second drop in her 100 free, nicely done.

Leon Bassart,big 28 second drop in the 100 free and legally racing the 100 breaststroke for the first time in a meet.

Maksym Bondar,not being a backstroker at all, he dropped 11 seconds in his 200 back and placed 4th in the event.

Lindsay Brown,she had a good meet, dropped time in 4 of her events and was super close in all her other races. Very impressed with her 500, she tied her entry time.

Emily Cox, for the first time she raced the 200 fly, taking 2nd in the event and swimming it in 3:13.

Luc Diaz,joining us from Friday Harbor Luc dropped in 7 of 7 events with a huge 32 second time drop in the 100 backstroke.

Blair Drew,she was 2 for 5 and was super close to PRs in all her other races. Put together she missed PRs by less than a second.

James Drew,dropped 8 seconds in the 200 im, very nice. Also placed 1st in the 100 fly, 200 IM, 50 free.

Vivienne Drew, she was 4 for 4, swimming the 100 im and 50 breaststroke for the first time. Supper great swims on Saturday.

Cassidy Drown, in her 200 IM, she dropped 8 seconds and showed great mastery of all four strokes.

Mary Duez, she dropped 4 seconds in her 100 free. Going from a 2:01 to a 1:57, getting under 2 minutes and moving closer to getting under 1 minute.

Sean Dyer,with a bruised tailbone I made him swim the 200 backstroke. He did not want to do it but worked through it. Not thrilled to do it but did something he didnt think he could do.

Annaly Ellis, after swimming the 200 fly in Bellingham she needed to swim it again. Annaly got a taste and wanted more. She dropped 6 seconds from just a month ago and is now under 3 minutes.

Silvia Ellis,she was 4 for 4 in her races, swam the 200 breaststroke for the first time and had a 5 second drop in her 100 backstroke.

Jacob Erickson,had a surprisingly good meet, dropping 6 of 8 and had a nice 14 second drop in the 500 free.

Peter Foote,he dropped in 5 of 5, again with a  great swim in the 500 dropping 20 seconds.

Regan Franulovich, for the first time attempted the 100 fly, getting there. She had a very nice swim in the 100 free, dropping 4 seconds.

Calum Hambleton, we saw some great swims from Calum, less wiggle worm, more swimmerish. Great to see improvement.

Sabine Hambleton,7 of 7, she was smoking dropping time in all events. I liked her 200 im the most, because I naturally like the 200 im and she dropped a big 15 second chunk.

Thomas Harris,he dropped a second in the 100 free. Swam the event in 1:01 and is getting so close to sub one minute.

Zach Harris, shaved off some tenths in his 50 free, looking fast and fluid.

Chloe Hernandez,very impressed with all of her swims. Loved her 100 free and her 200 IM, very strong looking and continues to improve.

Samuel Hines,in his 100 free he dropped over 5 seconds, showing greater stamina and speed since his last meet.

Jacob Hoxie, he is becoming a backstroker, dropped time in his 100 back and 200 back. Taking 3rd in the 200.

Clayton Jacobson,very impressed with the improvement we saw at the meet. Body position, strength and racing attitude all showed great improvement. Also completed a 50 breaststroke.

Isabel Jacobson,Also showing great improvement. Not wiggling as much, good head position and swam the 50 back for the first time.

Jai-Lee James,she had big drops in her 50 back and 50 free, over 25 seconds for both those events.

Grace Johnston,4 for 4, looking strong, fluid and powerful. In her 100 free she dropped 2 seconds, also approaching the sub 1 minute.

Ava Knox,for her very first swim meet she swam like a champion. Completed the 100 back and 50 back.

James Knox,he placed 4th in the 50 back, dropped 1 second in the event and looking smooth doing it.

Lorna Knox,she got to for the first time swim a 100 free. She stayed stead and long, swimming through the event with a burst of energy at the end of the race.

Sara Kumar,joining us after high school season, training hard she had 3 time drops and had a 4 second PR swim in the her 100 backstroke.

Anna Lisa, she had 6 big time swims, dropping time in all 6. Really looking impressive in the 100 breaststroke. She dropped 5 seconds in her 100 back and placed 5th.

Julia Lisa, for the very first time, this tough cookie swam the 100 fly. Placed 5th overall and swam it in 2:10

Mikey Lisa, he dropped a total of 70 seconds, with his largest drop in the 100 back, dropping 34 seconds. Really starting to keep his stroke together, rolling hips and shoulders together.

Cadence Littlefield,a surprise entry, she decked entered in the meet and I am glad she did. She dropped 24 seconds in her 100 back and 38 seconds in her 100 breast.

Noah Masten,I am sure he was super excited when he saw I entered him in the 200 fly. Swam it well and ended up 2nd.

Nathan Mathes, he used this meet to get ready for Senior Sectionals.

Lauren McClintock,swam sick, its hard to get good swims when sick and did not drop any time but was there supporting her teammates.

William McClintock,also swam sick but got a PR in the 200 backstroke. Nice job.

Kara McEttrick,she dropped in 2 races, in her 50 backstroke and in her 50 free. Both swims looking great.

Finn McFarland,coming back after being super sick for a month he still managed to get 3 PRs and a big 8 second drop in the 200 IM.

Ashleigh Merrill,she had several strong swims, including a 24 minute time drop in her 50 free(coaching error on the entry). She placed in the top 3 for all her events.

Dallas Moore,she had a very good meet dropping in 5 of 7 races. Including big swims in her 400 IM and 500 Free. She was very uncomfortable going into the races but once she got started looked strong all the way through.

Pam Moore,in her 500 she freaked out, a 75 into the race she lost all confidence and did not think she could finish. After calming down she started doing 1-25 at a time, than did 50s and than started doing 75s. She faced her fear, kept moving and slowly got more and more confident. With that she completed her very first 500 and even ended up placing 6th in the event.

Emmett Moore, he is becoming a breaststroker, dropping 16 seconds in his 200 breaststroke and placed 4th.

Reilly Nations, very first meet and he struggled a little bit but he kept at it and fought through it. I was very proud of him and was happy he fought through the races.

Brennan Morgenthaler,he swam a very nice 100 fly dropping 7 seconds, placed 1st and just out touched his teammate.

Emma Oakes, she dropped in 4 of her 6 races and swam the 500 for the first time. Not comfortable going into the race but swam it well and will swim it even better next time.

Josh Ocampo, he had a very great swim meet, dropping in a large number of his races including a 37 second time drop in the 400 IM.

Beau Omdal,looking strong in a number of races and had two time drops in the 200 back and 200 breast. Swimming a strong 2:11 in the 200 back.

Brenna Palmer, joining us after a long hiatus, she actually got a PR dropping time in the 200 back.

Makayla Patrick, she showed a strong 100 breaststroke dropping 2 seconds. In the breaststroke she looked long, stretching out and powerful.

Trey Patrick,super fast meet, dropping time in 7 of 8 races, including a drop in the 200 backstroke which he had been working for a couple of months. I also had him swim the 200 fly for the first time, placing 3rd.

Jimmy Paul,dropped time in the 50 back and the 50 free. Really showing confidence and growth in his races.

Persephone Pestar, in the 200 breaststroke she dropped 2 seconds. We might be turning her into a breaststroke much to her excitement.

Peyton Ramsden,she had 3 very nice time drops in the 50 back, 50 fly and 50 free. Very impressed with her swims.

Noah Rozema,in his 100 fly he dropped 3 seconds, getting super close to sub 1 minute and placed 1st in the event.

Willow Seixas, her very first swim at age 6 our youngest swimmer in the meet. She swam in the 50 back and 50 free looking great.

Ellie Snowman, she had a very strong meet dropping in 4 races and had a huge 36 second drop in the 200 back. She also placed 1st in the 200 fly.

Spencer Snowman, swam the 200 breaststroke for the first time in yards. He did it, looking very stiff and unnatural but went for it, out touching one of his younger teammates showing him how to finish a race.

Savannah Sparks, she had a great swim in the 200 back dropping 8 seconds, placing in top 3 for all her races.

Megan Stickles, finally getting her breaststroke going in the right direction. Dropped 16 seconds in her 100 breaststroke.

Garrett Swain, very impressed with his races and attitude. Loved his backstroke and seeing his form improvement.

Savannah Thorpe, she had a 20 second drop in the 100 im, looking strong and fluid through out the race.

Gemma Wentworth, dropping 2 seconds in her 50 fly. Starting to get the arms up and the hips up. Less like a periscope more like a dolphin.

Isabella Wentworth, she had time drops in 5 of 6 races, dropping 14 seconds in her 200 im and 15 seconds in the 100 free.

Gabi Zumpano, she was 3 for 3, hitting 100% of the time and a 2 second drop in the 50 free.

Cooper Nichols(was at the end of the list for some reason), joined us after high school season. Looking good in the water and ended up 2nd in the 200 free.


If I missed anyone please let me know.    


Team Banquet June 8th

Put it on your calendar, this years banquet will be on the 8th of June. It will be held at the middle school. The food will be catered and will be a time to celebrate all our swimmers successes.


PNS Spring Showdown March 10th-11 th

The Spring Showdown will be held at the Federal Way swimming pool. This meet is for swimmers who have not made Regionals or Senior Sectionals. I have attached the meet information. If you are interested in this meet sign up online. We will need at least 12 swimmers to sign up for the meet.

It is a prelim and finals meet for 11 and over swimmers.

10 and under boys swim on Saturday

10 and under girls swim on Sunday

See meet information for more.


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