Dry-Land Restructure AG1 - AG3
As you all might have heard we have restructured our Dry-Land for our Swimmers ranging from AG1-AG3. We as a club will all be following the same dry-land come March. Our focus for our swimmers is to learn how to properly move, Increase joint stability, build a strong base for future sports performance and get our swimmers stronger to avoid long term injuries. And there is no starting to young on getting kids to move and become stronger. 
We will have 4 phases that we will be rotating through. Over the past couple months Susan has been assessing the swimmers and she has built these phases off watching the kids move. From there our goal as coaches is to Mobilize, Stabilize, re groove the patterns into proper from and technique, then train the brain to keep this form going. We will continue to asses the programming. If we feel that something needs to be changed we can do that.  Here is a brief description of each phase and when we will be doing it, what the swimmer can expect to feel and achieve during these phases. 
Strength - This is to get them to gain overall strength. We will start in this phase, as we need to get the kids stronger on land so that they can be stronger in the water. This phase will tax the nervous system especially if they have not been used to moving this way. You should expect your child to feel tired and sore. THIS IS NORMAL and what we want. This allows us to see that what we are doing is working
Hypertrophy - This is to gain lean muscle mass. To make it clear the swimmers are primarily using body weight, bands and tempo ( this is focusing on the time it takes to do a movement, since we do not have resistance to work with besides bands, tempo is what will make exercises more difficult without loading them.) So you will not see a massive muscle gain in this phase. And if the swimmers mother does not look like Arnold, there is no chance that they will be bulking up. :) This phase is done after a big meet. This allows for the Nervous system to take a break and the muscular system to take over.
Explosive - This phase is to get the body moving in a quick explosive matter. This phase will be done before a big meet. This will match what us coaches will be doing in the water. WE want them to be quick. So on land we focus on explosive movements so that when we they get in the water they are ready to be put through the speed work that they need to become quicker. They will be tired leaving dry-land getting into the water but they will notice the recovery from this is way faster then a strength phase.
Endurance - This phase is not done often as the swimmers will be doing this in the water. Endurance is the capacity of a repeated effort at a given resistance. We want them to be able to continue to repeat an effort over and over again. This will be a huge component in the water. This phase will make them excessively tired and exhausted and you might see a difference in there emotional state. Meaning they might be working so hard that they release emotions at night. Again there is nothing wrong with this. This means that they are pushing there bodies and there nervous system is reacting to that it is being taxed. So extra sleep and food will be great for them. 
We hope that you are as excited about this new addition as we are. We do want you to know that you might see a difference with there swimming the first couple weeks. You might be watching them swim and think they look heavy, they are not swimming optimally and that is completely normal. There bodies are reacting to a new type of training and they need to be come accustomed to it. As well we won’t see changes over night. So they are not going to be producing best times instantaneously. 
Please if you have any questions or concerns with the training please speak with your coach or you can Contact Susan Benoit  at as she is the one that put the training together and she is more then open and willing to talk to you all about it. 
Thank you
NCSA Coaching Staff.