2018 Divisional Championships Meet Recap!

2018 Divisional Championships Meet Recap


Swimmers of the Meet


Green-Nathan Sackett

Green's Swimmer of the Meet is Nathan Sackett. Nathan dropped a total of almost 13 seconds and swam his best times in every event. Nathan has been working hard at practice to improve his stroke and worked hard to make changes to his stroke. We are so excited to see what he will do this upcoming season. Congratulations and keep up the hard work, Nathan!


Yellow-Colin Walrond

Yellow's Swimmer of the Meet goes to Colin Walrond.  Colin swam 6 events, got 100% lifetime best times, dropped Over 19 seconds and made 6 new state cuts. He had an amazing meet and has worked very hard for this.  He has been challenging himself in practice and has great attendance. Colin has come so far since the beginning of the season. He is a very strong swimmer with a great future ahead of him.  Great Job, Colin!


Red-Ben Morton

Red’s Swimmer of the Meet was Ben Morton!  Ben had 100% lifetime bests, dropped a total of almost 9 seconds and earned 4 AGS cuts!  Ben has been pushing himself really hard in practice and doing a great job balancing a very busy schedule this semester.  Ben is a pleasure to coach and an encouraging teammate.  Looking forward to seeing what he can do at Age Group State!  Congratulations, Ben!


Blue-Sydney Koehrn

Blue's Swimmer of the meet is Sydney Koehrn.  Sydney had breakthrough swims on each day of the Divisional meet.  Starting on Friday night Sydney made the choice to swim to her full potential and it paid off with huge time drops.  She carried that confidence over to Saturday and Sunday resulting in outstanding performances with many great lessons learned on what racing is all about.  Sydney is an example of how hard work over a long period of time can pay off big time when you believe in your abilities.  Great work Sydney!


Senior-Haylea Sorrell

Haylea has made tremendous progress as an athlete this season and took advantage of the Divisional meet to show just how far she’s come.  Not only did Haylea continue her impressive improvement in the sprint Freestyle events, but she also dropped huge time in the 200 IM, 100 Breaststroke, and 200 Breaststroke and was the Divisional champion in the 200 Breast.  Congrats on a great season, Haylea!


100% Lifetime Bests

 Robert Benedek, Alexander Birkle, Morgan Brown, Calob Cope, Jack Cater, Sam Frank,  Isabella Guadnola, Sierra Guadnola,  Grant Hibiske, Eleanor Hans, Lauren Hans, Chloi Harper,  Allison Heine, Chloe Hunter, Joshua  Kessler, Sydney Koehrn,  Cameron Luarde,  Charles Lang, Aaron Lazoff,  Jacob Leffers, Mallory Lindsay, Hayden Lynam, Jillian Lynam, Kylynn Lynam, Macartney Mahler, Benjamin Morton, Justin Offutt, Kalynne Pressler, Jason Starodub,  Ella Sackett,  Nathan  Sackett, Owen Sackett, Hayden Shurtz, Haylea Sorrell, Yehyun Song, Maggie Steward, Alex Strait,  Eden Taylor, Kyra  Tonsil, Allison Tonsil,  Colin Walrond, Cora Walrond,  Noah Welter


All-But-1 Lifetime Bests  

Jackson Burke, Mackenzie Butz, Lillian Heine, Myah Hibiske, Daniel Jones, Kyndall Kearns, Tate Knoblauch, Grady Mathieson, Eryn McLaughlin, Jordan Minnick, Noah Sackett, Addison Smith, Hailey Todd, Jace Trevino, Noah Van Zuidam, Brandon Wiggins, Madison Wisel


Top 10 Total Time Dropped

Lilly Heine-99.40 seconds

Austin McGrogan-71.52 seconds

Sam Frank-65.21 seconds

Savannah Guadnola-60.12 seconds

Noah Sacket-58.95 seconds

Sydney Koehrn-27.74 seconds

Ellie Hans-24.84 seconds

Haylea Sorrell-23.23 seconds

Calob Cope-22.52 seconds

Eden Taylor-21.75 seconds


SWAC Event Winners

Morgan Brown: 13&14 100 Breaststroke, 100 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle, 200 Freestyle

Jackson Burke: 15&Over 200 IM, 500 Freestyle

Calob Cope: 15&Over 400 IM

Savannah Guadnola: 13&14 1650 Freestyle

Sierra Guadnola: 10&U 100 Butterfly

Samantha Hinkleman: 15&Over 200 Backstroke

Chloi Harper: 10&U 100 Backstroke

Thomas Hill: 13&14 1650 Freestyle

Sydney Koehrn: 11&12 100 Freestyle, 200 IM, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle

Cameron Luarde: 15&Over 100 Butterfly

Jillian Lynam: 13&14 200 Backstroke, 400 IM, 500 Freestyle

Benjamin Morton: 11&12 50 Breaststroke

Michael Nichter: 15&Over 200 Breaststroke

Ella Sackett: 15&Over 400 IM

Haylea Sorrell: 15&Over 200 Breaststroke

Alex Strait: 11&12 100 Backstroke, 100 Breaststroke, 100 Freestyle, 200 IM, 50 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle

Sydney Thrasher: 15&Over 100 Freestyle

Allison Tonsil: 10&U 100 Breaststroke, 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly

Colin Walrond: 10&U 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly, 50 Freestyle

Cora Walrond: 15&Over 200 IM

Drew Weiland: 11&12 200 Freestyle

Noah Welter: 11&12 100 Butterfly