Parent Information


First I want to say THANK YOU for those that attended the Parent Info Night. It was crazy and a little chaotic but was so very happy to see such great participation. Sorry there was not much time for questions but I promise, you will always be informed of up and coming things. I will always write a weekly email about the things to look out for and upcoming for the week.

A great place to find answers to most of your questions is on our website: www.novatoriptide.org. I publish most forms and can be found under our “Information/Forms” tab.

Riptide Silicone Caps - Next week I will start collecting orders. These are thicker caps and they will have your swimmer’s name on them. We love these caps. They come in a 2-pack for $32.00. If you have 2 kids and do not want to spend $64.00 you can just order 1 set and use the latex caps for practice. These silicone caps are completely optional and not required. Your child will be required to wear a cap especially during meets if he/she has long hair. NOTE: PLEASE PRINT THE NAME CLEARLY FOR THE CAP.

Here is a link to the form, you can also find it on the website: https://www.teamunify.com/recmsnr/__doc__/405629_2_Riptide%20Personalized%20Silicone%20Cap%20Order%20Form%20for%202018%20Season.pdf

Swimsuit Sizing – This will take place next week. I will have sample sizes of suits available to try on. Once you know your size you can go online and order your suit. We use a company called Agon Swim.

We will be ordering from this website http://www.agonswimjulia.com/riptide-summer.html

They also have Towels, Parkas, Bags, and my favorite Flip Flops! You can find all this info under Agon Swim on our website.

Returning swimmers if your suit last year does not fit you can donate it or possibly sell for a much lower price than a new suit. If you’d like to donate a suit or any Riptide gear let me know.

Swim Meets- There are 7 swim meets with 4 of them being at our pool. These do not include our very own Time Trials, All-Stars, or Championships (Champs) which will also occur at our pool. The calendar has been updated with most of these meets so take a look. The only meet not decided on for sure yet is All-Stars.  

Time Trials – SAVE THE DATE 4/21- 3pm start! This is where you child will get to experience a “meet” however it is only our team. It is a lot of fun. Your child will also get their starting time for the season with this meet. It is also a “trial” run for us to work out any kinks in the system for real MSL meets.

Volunteering - As I said last night there are plenty of jobs to go around and our Volunteer Coordinator Lucie will be happy to find you something. You can find a sample of the jobs list here: https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=recmsnr&_stabid_=73780

Our biggest needs are Snack bar helpers, Timers, and Stroke and Turn Judges (S&T judges). For the judges you do need additional training and there is a clinic on 3/31. If interested please let me know. As an S&T judge you have the best view of the pool and of your child swimming, the only problem is you have to disqualify swimmers if they are not doing a proper stroke. Again we really need more S&T judges.

On away meets our needs are much lower however we still have to provide timers, 8 and under line up, and S&T judges.

Events – I like to think we have the best event team in the MSL. Both Alison and Taysha spend a lot of their time on Pinterest figuring out ways to do fun and inclusive things for our swimmers. For example in the past we have a team family BBQ, Bingo Night, Tye-Dye Day, Hawaiian Luau, Snow Cone Day, Spirit days before the home meets, Nachos, hot chocolate, and so much more…. So stay tuned on this year’s events.  

Spring Break/Saturday Clinics – I am currently working with Tom to schedule these clinics once I know you will know!

Hopefully you found this helpful and remember it can all be found on our website. Keep an eye on the calendar as well.

Here is a link: https://www.teamunify.com/Calendar.jsp?team=recmsnr&type=m&y=2018&m=4