Spring Schedule and Long Course News!!!

Hey RUSH Families,

Happy Spring! There will be no practice the week of spring break. We encourage swimmers to stay active and keep moving, but no swimming! Enjoy the break, and all swimmers should return focused and ready to practice perfect technique.

RUSH is ready to kick-off our Long Course Season. Long Course season runs April – July. This is a very short season!!! It is important that your swimmers sign up to attend swim meets in April and May. If they do not participate in swim meets in April and May they will not be eligible to attend meets later in the season which will require qualifying times.

Upon returning, the focus of RUSH practices will be on stroke mechanics, improving efficiency, turns, starts, etc. This is the perfect time for those returning from a winter break to dive back in. Practices will not be difficult, but will reinforce all those good habits your swimmers have been working so hard on!

Your swimmer might be nervous about attending their first swim meet or their first Long Course meet. But, rest assured, RUSH coaches will be sure that your swimmer is only signed up for events they are prepared for. We will make sure they know everything they need before racing. This competition experience is very important for their development as swimmers. The more swim meets they attend, the more comfortable they will be. They will be much less nervous before their races, and racing also gives the coaches the opportunity to fine tune any technique work that your swimmer needs. 

Thank you,
RUSH Coaches