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Orca Newsletter **Tier 1 Provincials**

 Orca Parents,

1. Spring Break

Last Official Practice before Spring Break is Friday March 16th.

2. Draft Meet:

We have 10 swimmers signed up for the KISU Draft meet this weekend--March 17th.  I will send out an email with further details.

3. Kelowna Jamboree

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered at the Kelowna Jamboree.  The meet manager thanks you.

Congratulations to Sarah Bremmer who made her 200 IM 4:00 time, clocking an impressive 3:41.00!! Way to go!

Isla Kast was a very close 4:01!!   

Also a big congrats to all the Stage 1 First time Jamboree swimmers who competed in their first meet. 


4. Tier 1 Provincials

A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who officiated and timed over the weekend.  Many of them did not even have swimmers in the meet!!  Thank you

Swimmers swam out of their minds!!  We had a 100% best time streak going until Sunday morning.  Fantastic!!  In the end Dezi Ducheck, Emily Jell, Arlo Kast, and Sydney Wilson swam 34 events, and 32 of them were best times (that's a club record of 94% best times). 

Orca joined forces with KWIC, to finish 4th among all 12/13&U BC teams.

Sydney Wilson won 2x relay gold medals, and recorded her first Club Record in the 50 backstroke with a time of 33.71.  She was also less than 1 second on 3 other club records!

Dezi Ducheck was 100% best times and adding to his Club Record total and had a top individual finish of 6th place in the 100 fly in a time of 1:16.04!

Emily Jell was 100% best times and had the biggest time drop in 200 backstroke of 18 seconds!!  She also swam on every 12&U relay for a total of 12 swims over the weekend!! 

Arlo Kast had his biggest time drop in the 400IM with a 22 second improvement!! Arlo was also a relay inspiration swimming on every KWIC relay. Way to go!

4. Spring Camps

There's something for everyone.

I-Can-Swim Stroke Clinics March 26-29 3:30-4:30.  All levels combined.

Regional March 26-29 4:30-6:30.  Yes 2 hour practices!

Age Group: March 26-29 4:30-6:30 and 6:30-7:45AM:  4xDouble Workouts for AG2, and intro to double workouts for AG1. 

Details online.  Pleas sign up through the website.

5. Upcoming Swim Meets

Vernon Spring Inviational and JAmboree:  Ideal for Regional Swimmers not attending Nanaimo.

Nanaimo Team Travel:  We will be sending out additional information.  We have 12 swimmers signed up and excited to go.

WESTERN CANADIAN CHAMPS: A big good luck and send off to Taylor Smith and Brooklyn Parliament who will be attending the Championship meet in April.  They will also be training on the week off if anybody wants to join them. 

6. Grit

Finally I'm reading a great book about Grit by Angela Duckworth.  So far there have been several references to swimming and swimmers.  One coach explained swimming as "The Mundanity of Excellence".  

Stripped down, swimming is just a series of skills that are perfected through practice, "the most dazzling human achievements are, in fact, the aggregate of countless individual elements, each of which is, in a sense ordinary."

Everybody can learn these skills (maybe at different rates and in their own time), but it's all about the process of learning.

So let's enjoy the process.

Enjoy your Spring Break

Orca Coaching Staff