Tier I Championships 2018 Overview

Penticton, BC

This past weekend, we had an incredible group of six swimmers drive and fly to Penticton for the Tier I Championships. Representing Age Group Gold, we had Brooke Nelson, Heidi Cole, Dylan Bradbury, Jenna Tuazon, Matthew Walker, and Yinan Zhu race against some of the top age group swimmers in the province (13&U for boys, 12&U for girls).

On the first day, Brooke kicked off the meet with a 6” PB of 3:00.33 in the 200 Back. Yinan followed suit landing right on her best time of 2:52.26 in the same event. Soon after, Heidi and Brooke raced side by side in the 50 Free pushing each other to drop almost 2” down to 33.04 and 33.59, respectively. Brooke finished in 8th for the 10&U girls #ribbon. Jenna and Matthew also achieved best times of 30.47 and 31.22, finishing in 16th and 9th, respectively. Next was the 200 Fly in which both Heidi (3:20.08) and Dylan (3:23.07) dropped 6” !! To finish off the day, the girls raced together in the 12&U 200 Free Relay finishing 23rd overall.

On the second day, Brooke started with a best time in 200 IM (3:17.51) inspiring Heidi to casually drop 17” and win her heat with a 2:58.11 !! But the boys wouldn’t back down. Racing in the same heat, Dylan and Matthew dropped 2” and 11” to achieve best times of 3:05.33 and 2:55.09, respectively !! Heidi came back to get another best time in 100 Breast (1:34.98) along with Matthew (1:33.74). Later that evening, all 6 swimmers came back ready to race the freestyle events. First was 100 Free, in which almost everyone dropped 3-6” !! Yinan and Heidi won 1-2 in their heat of 10 for outstanding best times of 1:13.80 and 1:15.00, respectively! Similarly, Jenna also won her heat with a huge PB of 1:07.12 placing 14th overall in 11-12 girls. Dylan dropped the most amount of time of 7” for a PB 1:16.90, followed by Matthew with a 3” PB 1:11.05. Last but not least was the 400 Free. After betting Matthew 10 bucks to beat Jenna’s best time, he took the challenge and dropped 11” for a new PB of 5:20.04 (yes he won the bet).

The momentum continued on the last day with Heidi dropping 9” in the 200 Free (2:44.25) along with Jenna dropping 6” (2:31.19). Dylan and Matthew also cheered each other on to improve their 200 Free by 4” (2:48.26 and 2:34.54, respectively). Heidi and Dylan continued their busy day with best times in the 200 Breast by 2” (3:20.52 and 3:28.40). 40 minutes later, they raced yet another event - the 100 fly - and continued their best time streak by 4” (1:28.37 and 1:27.86)! Jenna and Matthew also achieved best times in the 100 fly by 2” (1:24.12 and 1:26.73).

By the last session of the last day, we had two swimmers left standing - Jenna and Yinan - each of which finished off the meet with outstanding best times. Jenna dropped 10” in the 400 IM to 6:19.54 while Yinan improved the 100 back by 1” with 1:20.47.

Congratulations to all these swimmers!! It was the first time for almost all of these athletes to compete at a provincial level, and they all did absolutely fantastic.

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