Shamrock Shakeup

            Congratulations to all the swimmers who attended the Shamrock meet in Spokane last weekend! For many of our swimmers, this was the end of their short course season and we finished on a very strong note. Despite a full season of swimming behind us, CAST was right around 65% best times overall. The first swimmer we’d like to recognize is Delaney Philips, who went best times in 5 of her 6 races, and stepped up big for a pair of relays. Best of all, she was at the pool early in time to cheer on the 10 and unders at the end of their session, showing great team spirit. Our 10 and unders really shone at the meet; Tillie Sobek dominated the 8 and under girls category, winning 7 races and placing 2nd in her other three, earning 4 best times along the way during a jam-packed weekend of events.  Soa Kimstayton was 5 of 7 for best times, and placed top 6 in all but one of his races. Rachel Nicholls had a tremendous weekend, with 7 new bests; her 10 second drop in the 100 fly was by far her standout swim. Lauren Stephens swam 4 best times, the best of which was a courageous 13 second drop in her 500 free-an event few 10 and unders ever swim! Susannah Smith competed in just her second meet, and posted a very nice 1:00 flat in her 50 backstroke. Dallin Stephens had 2 best times and earned 5th place in the 100 back and 100 freestyles. Noah Curtis dropped time in his 50 back and placed 11th overall. Dakota Keyworth earned a best time in 2 races and placed top 6 in both those swims!


            Nikki Cicero dominated all her best club times amidst a very busy schedule, dropping in all 9 of her races-it was great to see Nikki compete again for CAST after taking some time off. Mason Fox likewise had a great meet, dropping in 8 of his 9 races and doing a nice job stepping up the competition around him. Kennedy Way had bests in all 5 of her races and is one of our rising stars on b squad, especially in the breast and fly events. Isabelle James came alive in one of the best races of the weekend, shaving 41 seconds off her 200 free and breaking the 3:00 barrier in her last swim. Paul Janke capped off an extraordinary short course season with incredible time drops, the best being a 73 second drop in the 200 breaststroke; he also went PR’s in 5 other races. Abigail Johnson had an excellent second swim meet, with 3 new races under her belt-one of which was the 200 breaststroke, a rare event to see one of our C squadders enter and do so well in! Josie Jennings took first in the 200 free and 200 backstroke, got 4 best times, and contributed on a second place relay as well.  Jarron Kremmin went PR’s in all but one of his 6 races, with a stellar 9 second drop in his 100 back.


            Lance Mielke doesn’t have very many meets under his belt, but has come on very strong in the 15 and over category; Lance was top 8 in every event and is going to be a star in the breast and free events next season. Cammy White had 100% improvement in her 4 events and had a fantastic anchor leg of the 200 medley relay. Kylie Istre swam 3 best times last weekend, and was our sole mile swimmer-Kylie completed her first ever 1650 in just over 23 minutes and earned second place! Josh Hudlet, who competed at SC champs last weekend as his “big” meet of the season, nevertheless swam 4 best times including an excellent 8 second drop in the 500 free Sydney Webb came for one day but made the most of it with 2 best times and a win in the 100 breaststroke, where she dropped 5 seconds. Syndey Suko competed in her first CAST meet, and garnered a 5th in the 50 fly-Sydney has a lot of potential in that stroke that we are looking forward to seeing!

Great job to all our swimmers!