Educational Notes

Educational Notes

Why should we swim in the summer or swim during our break?

As the Fall and Winter swim season is wrapping up, it is time to think about how we are going to continue preparing for our next. There will be a short break from scheduled practices following Y-State and lasting until the Spring and Summer swim season begins on April 23. Most of our athletes choose to swim the Spring and Summer. So the natural question is: What should I do over break to prepare for my next season?

First let’s start with why swimming summer is important: It’s different! Especially up here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, the opportunity to swim outdoors in the summer is special. We spend the bulk of our year cooped up in tiny indoor pools. Once the summer hits we get a small window to swim some meets and practices outside and get extra time in the Olympic sized 50 Meter Pools. The opportunity to mix up our scenery and enjoy some change can bring new energy and life to our love of the sport. It is also important because we have more time to utilize and less on our minds because there is no school in session. This frees us up to approach the sport with more energy and enthusiasm. We encourage everyone to sign up for our Spring and Summer swim season once the information is posted to the team in the next few weeks.

Second, what you choose to do over your short break can have a major impact on how the Spring and Summer swim season turns out.  As mentioned earlier, after being cooped up for most of the winter it is important to use your break to revitalize yourself in spirit, mind and body. This will mean something different for everyone. Some will need to take their extra time and energy and focus it on school work. Others will need to take their extra time and energy and spend it with family. Others will need to maintain a routine and will put their time and energy in to swimming their own practices.

All of these options and many more are great! Taking the open space in your schedule and using it to pour back into yourself is the most important piece of these next few weeks. However, there are a few cautions we want you to be aware of:

Do not do nothing! Although it may be enticing to simply rest and veg out watching TV at night, this does not help with revitalization. It might be a way to avoid taking energy away, but it does not add back. Do something!

You need to stay in shape! This doesn’t mean you have to swim every day or even swim at all. Whenever an athlete has back to back days without a workout, their performance dips when they start up again. The longer the break, and the more consecutive days away the bigger the impact will be on endurance, power and efficiency. Taking time away from athletics also increases the risk of injury upon your return. Again, you don’t need to swim. If you are growing tired of staring at a black line, go to the gym and play basketball. Break out your bike and get outside. Go to the weight room and lift. Take your dog or your neighbor’s dog for a run. Go swim your own workout, work on a skill you want to get better at. Find new and exciting ways to move and work that will revitalize and reenergize. Just make sure you stay in shape!

We hope you enjoy your break and come back refreshed and ready to swim hard and have fun! One final note, the team will be posting some opportunities for athletes over the next few weeks. If you are looking for a more organized schedule, anyone who is signed up for the Spring and Summer Season is welcome to participate in any of the opportunities that we post.