March 14, 2018 - Move Up Announcements 3/14/18

Shark Parents,

Here is the finalized list of swimmers who will be moving up from each group. We want to say congratulations to them and their improvement over the course of this season. These swimmers will be moving up to there prospective squad June 1st, 2018! I also have attached the Squad expectations to each group below that way each swimmer can let us know if they will be able to fulfill those requirements.

Again, congratulations and have a Great Beak!

Coach Myriah 


Hammerheads to Great Whites

  1. Aarya Athawale

  2. Lexi Boskus

  3. Julianna Costantini

  4. Anastasia Kennedy

  5. Curren McCauley

  6. Caroline Martin

  7. Ella Kate Perry

  8. Camilla Mazareigos

  9. Samantha Sheely

  10. Will Yamamoto

Great Whites to Tigers

  1. James American Horse

  2. Dhane Boskus

  3. Titash Majumdar

  4. Becca Scheiderer

  5. Madi Schoonover

  6. Landon Whitley

Tigers to Mako

  1. Rowan Christiansen

  2. Crystal Casasola-Rosa

  3. Silvia Hunter

  4. Lauren Jackson

  5. Gage Johnson

  6. Brooke Shaddock

  7. Sydney Shipman

  8. Kat Terrazas

Mako to National Development

  1. Katherine Thomas

  2. Carly Flister

  3. Valeria Mazariegos

  4. Edson Lopez

  5. Luke Bray

  6. Calista Boskus

  7. Emma Waters

  8. Grady Sutton

  9. Connor Chance

  10. Lulu Segura