Delta, BC

This past weekend 12 AGB swimmers attended the DSSC LMR with 8 being 11& under while 4 were 12 and over. All swimmers did a very impressive job either with attaining best times or performing techniques/skills worked on in practice over the past month since their last meet. 

Saturday AM session was off to a fantastic start with nearly all races being best times! Highlight swimmers of the day were Tiffany Ho and Zach McLeod getting best times in all of their races for the day! Zach McLeod's best times included 100 fly with a time of 1:44.2 (first time ever swimming it), 36.4 for his 50 free and 2:58 for his 200 free. Tiffany Ho's best times were a 47.6 in her 50 back, 42.0 in her 50 free and 3:12 for her 200 free (first time ever swimming it). Caitlyn Fowler also had best times over this session including her 50 back with a time of 47.6 and her 200 free getting a time of 3:06!Jacob Zabudsky also got best times in his 50 back with a time of 45.5 and his 200 free with a time of 3:06. Liam Murray received best times in his 50 back with a time of 50.4 and his 50 free with a time of 38.7. Body Iverson had an impressive backstroke day by getting first overall in 11& under's with a time of 3:11. Nicholas Friesen placed 4th overall in the 11 & under category for his 50 free getting a time of 35.83! While Matt Friesen placed 5th overall in his 200m free and 50 free. 
Saturday AM the streak continued with best times with Nadya Stefirta being a super star getting best times in all of her races! Nadya got best times in her 100 fly (1:48.8), 100 breast (1:52) and her 50 free (38.8) Ian Hugdahl and Erem McMillanreceived best time sin their 50 back with Ian getting a time of 47 and Erem getting a time of 46! 
Sunday AM day 2 session was off with a hot start with almost every AGB swimmer getting best times in their 100 freestyle with Tiffany Ho taking off 22 seconds receiving a time of 1:33!AGB times for 100 free included; Jacob Zabudsky received a time of 1:28, Caitlyn Fowler with a time of 1:26.3, Liam Murray with a time of 1:30.4 and Matt Friesen with a time of 1:22! Zach McLeod also continued his best times streak with getting a best time not only in his 100 free (1:23), but also his 200 IM (3:34) and his 100 back (1:33). Body Iverson also got a best time in his 100 back getting 3rd overall in the 11&under category with a time of 1:31 and swam 200 IM for the first time ever receiving a time of 3:39
Sunday PM session Ian Hugdahl and Nadya Stefirta received best times in all of their races...WAHOO!! Nadya Stefirta got best times in her 100 free (1:25.5), 50 breastroke (50.7) and her 200 IM (3:28) which she swam right after her 100 freestyle relay so very well done Nadya. Ian Hugdahl received best times in his 100 free (1:240, 50 breast (56.8) and his 100 back (1:42.5) Nicholas Sawchyn received best times in his 100 free with a time of 1:32 and his 50 fly with a time of 54!! 
With a handful of swimmers, Age Group Gold and Provincial were well represented by a squad of six. Megan (Megatron) Bonikowsky started off the meet with an incredible first day achieving 3 x 11y.o. Tier I times! The first was a 5” PB in 100 Breast (1:37.58) followed by a 0.04” drop to get exactly the Tier I time in 50 free (34.30) - both of which were 3rd place finishes. After a longer rest, she casually dropped 20” in the 200 Free (2:43.83) for 3rd place!! Similarly, Isabel Rapier achieved 100% best times on the first day each one better than the previous race. First she started with a slight PB in 100 Fly (1:20.13), followed soon after with a 1.2” PB and 1st place finish in 50 Free (30.94). Then from Lane 1, she won her heat for the 200 Free with a 7.5” PB (2:34.65) and 3rd place. Other outstanding swims on that day were Matthew Walker’s 2nd place in 50 Back that improved by almost 2” down to 38.77 plus Sassy Busby’s 3rd place finish in the 50 Back that also dropped 3” to 39.19.

On the second day, Megatron and Izzy both continued their amazing 100% best time streak. With multiple races to swim in less than an hour, Megan started with a 4” PB and heat win in the 100 Free (1:16.63) back-to-back with the 50 Breast in which she achieved 3rd place and a 2” PB (43.95). Soon after, she hit home run with almost 6” improvement in the 50 Fly (42.99)! But wait, who’s that chasing after her? It’s Matthew (Sky) Walker! Pitched against a swimmer from a rival club, Matt raced his 100 Free to 2nd place and a 2” PB of 1:09.68 breaking that 1:10 barrier. Shortly after, he won 1st place in the 50 Breast with a 1” PB of 42.53 and 2nd place in the 50 Fly to a 0.3” of 37.53. Alongside him was Jeremy Slinn who achieved season best times in the 50 Fly (43.72) and 100 Free (1:19.17).

But the 12&Overs wouldn’t back down. Izzy started her second with a 2” improvement in BOTH the 100 Free and 50 Fly (1:09.61 and 35.91). Not only that, she blew away her heat in the 200 Fly with a 3” PB of 3:12.80 plus a 3rd place finish. Another outstanding swimmer who joined us on this day was Chloe (Chlo-money) Glue who also achieved 100% best times! With a crazy heat win by almost two body lengths, Chloe dropped 3” in her 100 Free (1:13.94). Then, racing alongside teammates Sassy and Izzy in the same heat (lanes 6, 7, and 8), all three girls achieved best times in the 50 Fly - 39.34 for Chloe and 39.07 for Sassy. But that wasn’t enough butterfly for Chloe. She needed more and she got more. For the first time ever, Chloe swam the 200 Fly next to teammate Izzy and achieved a best time of 3:26.50 and 5th place finish.

Well well well done AGG. What a way to start spring break. I cannot wait to see what more you got during our training camp let alone the last 3 months of the season!! LET’S GO DOLPHINS!!