Thank You to All our Volunteers!

What a great success the club had in hosting our DSSC LMR meet this weekend!  We had 350 swimmers participate over the 4 sessions these last two days.

We could not do it without the help of our volunteers!  Thank you to everyone who came out!  We appreciate the help from both our club's volunteers and from the attending clubs.

Thank you to our Officials Coordinator, Wojiech Apanowicz who made sure our meet was staffed appropriately, and to our Volunteer Coordinator, Neena Sunner, who made sure that Coach Maxime was fed... which is a huge undertaking.

We would like to thank our visiting Referees Bruce and Dawna McIver from Richmond.  We would like to thank our Alumnist Volunteers Sheila Riggs (who also doubled as our Meet Referee, although she didn't know this...), David Kisser and Ron Bullock.

We will be hosting our May 27th "DSSC 11 & Under Sprint Cup".  Keep your eyes open for our next job signup.  

DSSC you did it well.  The event went off with no hiccups and kids went home happy.  Job Well Done!

With our utmost thanks,
KURT, the DSSC Coaching Staff and Swimmers