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New teammate, Anne Harter Dolid by Kathleen Kline

Welcome new teammate, Anne Harter Dolid!
By Kathleen Kline

Finally succumbing to “Shauna’s nagging,” Anne joined the Manatees in January. She enjoys her lane mates because they work hard but have a good time and don’t take themselves too seriously. She’s also found the team friendly and welcoming, as well as super-motivating to get to the pool (“Oh, I didn’t see you on Tuesday. What’s going on?”). Anne swims Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Her guilty pleasure is ice cream—any flavor, she doesn’t discriminate.

Anne is another breaststroke enthusiast—although she says that, really, her favorite stroke is head-up freestyle! (Jenny, maybe you can relate to this.) Anne played water polo in high school and college, and later, briefly on a New York athletics club.

Anne says that she has tried to be a land mammal but found that it’s just not fun. Whether it’s simply the muscle memory, swimming is the only sustainable option for her.  Anne also enjoys swimming because it’s the only time, besides sleeping, when “no one is talking to me.” Anne says that it’s nice to have quiet time to herself without input from other people. This may be particularly poignant for Anne, given that she’s the principal of Havens Elementary School and also the mother of two boys (4 and 7).

But I leave you with Anne’s favorite swim memory:

It was 5:30 in the morning, and my dad was driving us to a meet. The song “Guantanamera” came on the radio, and we asked him what the song meant. My dad replied: “Swim hard, be prosperous!”

Welcome Anne!