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March 8, 2018

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Southeastern Swim Club Alumni


Let’s Celebrate SSC Birthdays!


SSC President, Ron Ross, and I would like to extend our most sincere “THANKS!!!” to all of you for an amazing job hosting the Indiana Swimming Age Group State Championships. This is monumental task as the event is large and also a state championship…you ran a classy meet that was very smooth.

A special thank you to our three Meet Directors! Thank you Diana Badgett, Brian Joesten, and Amy Newton for leading our meet management team. Just like so many of you – they (2 of the 3) worked tirelessly over the weekend even though they did not have a child competing in the meet. Hosting championship meets is difficult and challenging – all of IN Swimming is grateful to have such a fantastic host full of so many selfless team players! Great job SSC!

USA Swimming Speedo Sectionals – Akron, OH

Best wishes to our athletes competing at sectional this coming week. Have a safe trip, swim fast, and foster stronger team unity while you are gone!

  • Girls - Abby Harter, Olivia Harter, Grace Newton, Molly Pedersen, Hannah Pugh, Ashley Saple, Bri Saple, and Kayleigh Witt.
  • ​Boys - Andrew Christopher, Marcus Eden, Ethan Forbes, Connor Harrison, Blake Ratliff, DJ Rogers, Evan Sellers, Keegan Streett, and Andrew Truxall

IN Swimming Clinics

Indiana Swimming has some great clinics coming up that are reasonably priced – please click here for more information.

SSC Board of Directors

If you are interested in running for a spot on the SSC Board of Directors, please email Ron Ross ( before 3/27/18. Elections will be held in April.

  • 3/1 Lauren Barr
  • 3/2 Annelise Hiner
  • 3/2 Daniel Harter
  • 3/6 Sean Kenyon
  • 3/7 Emme Grubbs
  • 3/7 Ashlyn Hayes
  • 3/8 Justin Voelker
  • 3/10 Jocelyn Graham
  • 3/13 Chouchi Ding
  • 3/16 Isabella Donato
  • 3/17 Alex Kaminski
  • 3/18 Meghan Voelker
  • 3/20 Audrey Crawford
  • 3/21 Evan Apostolou
  • 3/22 Kennedy Ulmer
  • 3/25 Carson Drish
  • 3/26 Coach Ben
  • 3/26 Caitlyn Russell
  • 3/27 Abigail Groom
  • 3/28 Emily Ratliff
  • 3/28 Maria Yant
  • 3/29 Mary Bowman
  • 3/30 Ethan Huston
  • 3/30 Clayton Juffer

Coach’s Corner

Safe Sport Monday

 Scenario: The other day your teammate told you that they’re “so depressed” and “don’t think I can do it anymore.” They laughed it off and changed the subject, but something about how they said it make you worried. You’ve also noticed your teammate activing differently lately.


What’s going on here?

Safe Sport says: You don’t know unless you ask, but it seems like your teammate is having a tough time lately. They could have gotten a bad grade on a test or had a fight with a friend, or there could be something more going on. It’s a good thing your teammate felt comfortable enough to say something to you about it, and it’s okay to ask more.

What do you do?

Safe Sport says: You can ask your friend what’s going on. Say, “Remember the other day when you said you were so depressed? What’s going on? Can I help you?” They may not want to talk about it, but at least they know that you care and would be willing to talk about it later if they wanted.

What if your teammate tells you that they’ve been hurting themselves (cutting, for example)?

Safe Sport says: Let your teammate know that you care and ask if they wanted to talk to a professional about what they’re going through. If they say yes, you can offer to help them tell someone. If they say no, ask them what you can do to help. Just because they say they don’t want help doesn’t mean that you need to keep it a secret. Talk to your coach or parents about the situation.

What if your teammate denies that anything is wrong?

Safe Sport says: They might be okay, or there might really be something wrong. You can’t force your teammate to get help. The important thing is that they know you care. Talk to your parents or coach about the situation.

How can you help create a safe place on your team?

Safe Sport says: Be the type of teammate you’d like to have. Be supportive and encouraging. Take a nonjudgmental attitude toward your coaches and teammates. Cheer for your teammates and ask them how they’re doing.

What is your responsibility if you know a teammate is harming themselves or dealing with a serious issue?

Safe Sport says: You can help them get help. Talk with an adult you trust or offer to go with them to talk to an adult that they trust.