President's Message 2018 Season

Good morning!

I hope that the end of winter is treating you well and that the March Break for restful for our swimmers... a bit of a sleep in??


Long course season is running full force and multiple meets are coming up in the next few months.  Good luck to all swimmers in your events and thank you to all parents for your support with your child(ren) and coaches! Team work is so important!

I just wanted to forward everyone the links to the various areas for questions, comments and such. We often receive emails directing questions to the wrong people. We end up trying to redirect them via multiple emails and it does not make it effective. 

- Any financial related questions (fees, payments, invoice)  must always be directed to or discuss with our treasurer, not with other members of the board or coaches.

- TEC points related questions will be answered by our TEC coordinator

- If you have any inquiry about officiating or training, please get in touch with

- For our dances, and equipment will direct your email to Coach Joni. We have several people using this email to ask questions that do not relate to coaching. If you are unsure as to where you should direct to inquiry, please use the two following links: or

- If you have any concerns or which to further discuss an issue, you can contact

Thank you very much for your understanding and support! This should help make things smoother and more seamless.

Have a great week-end!


Marie-Josée Houle