Save EMU Men's Swimming and Diving

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018 the members of the Eastern Michigan Men's Swimming and Diving Team were informed that their sport was one of four programs being "cut" by the EMU Department of Athletics in an effort to save $2.4 million in their overall budget. The Mid-American Conference has become the collegiate swimming and diving destination for many NKSL alumni. There were two former Brookwood athletes and one former Beechwood athlete that competed in the MAC this past season. While we currently have no alumni on the EMU Men's Team, Carlee Jones (Brookwood alumnus and 2018 Bresser Scholarship winner) is a member of the EMU Women's team. I have been asked to post two links on the NKSL webpage to publicize the effort underway to save another NCAA level swimming program that is being cut to meet the athletics budget while expenses for "money" sports increase. One is an online petition asking for your support in their efforts to save their program. The other is a gofundme page where they are trying to raise enough money to save the program for another year in order to gain time to save the program permanently.

Please feel free to review the information contained in these links and suppot the effort to sace the EMU Men's Swimming and Diving Team.