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Michelle Toro announces her retirement from Competitive Swimming


Michelle Toro announces her retirement from Competitive Swimming

Words cannot describe how proud your NYAC family is of you, and how grateful we are to have you in our team, 19 years as a swimmer and now still with us mentoring the new generations. You have touched all of us, from your "waves" days to the international stage you always made sure to be the hardest worker and toughest swimmer in the pool, and you did it all with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

"Thanks" - Your NYAC Family


A Message From Michelle:

"I definitely couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling swimming career. Since finding this beautiful sport, 19 years ago, I have gained so much, in countless ways. In friendships, in confidence, in life skills. This sport has taught me the true meaning of success. It's not about the numbers (times, placings etc). It's about everything that was put into it, day by day. The tears, the laughter, the pure joy. The pure joy of giving so much into something and reaping the rewards. I have learned so much about gratitude, for the opportunities and experiences I've had, the relationships I've developed, the support I've received, and the lifelong learning that I have gained.

Saying goodbye to this sport is bittersweet, especially as I watch my teammates prepare for the Commonwealth Games, where my senior International swimming career began four years ago. I'll miss so many things about my swimming career, but I'll bring so many things with me to the next chapter in my life. Thank you to every single person who played a part in my beautiful journey. From a shy 8 year old to a confident and wise nurse-to-be, wife, daughter, sister, and dog mom. It's not the end! It's a new beginning, and I'm excited for what's in store!

Thank you to my parents, to my husband and my whole family. Thank you to my coaches throughout my career and to the therapists and support staff. Thanks to all the ladies who I ever swam on a relay with. Thanks to my NYAC family, to my Ohio State roomies and teammates, to the whole HPCO squad Thanks to everyone at Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario. Thanks to Can Fund, Quest for Gold, RBC and Sport Canada. And thanks Head to Head for a new opportunity to share my experiences!"

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